Monday, April 23, 2018

Grand kiddies and an apartment

And look who came to stay for 2 nights.....yes Cooper on the first morning ☺☺

And Miss April enjoying her breakfast ♥

Dressed ready for a day or 2 of fun 

My Woody is always popular with these 2 

So cute and loved the black clip I had for her hair 

They enjoyed reading together 

And April loved putting Woody to sleep with my other toys 

Cooper chilling before bedtime Friday night 

April in her pj's 

She really like my doll called No Mercy Mary 

And Blitz ♥♥

On Saturday I was able to do little plaits with her hair 

And a special snap before we took them back home ♥♥

We drove to our city pad and caught the tram to visit Pauls boy Brenton.....that is his balcony up there 

He has a rental near city (new job) and look stairs lol 

lots of them 

and more 

Up to his apartment 

Oh yeah more.....with my bad knee this was fun 

Looking out thru the pad to his balcony 

Looking towards the city of Melbourne 

Looking the other way 

Shot from empty bed area (now filled) to the front door, past bathroom and cute kitchen area 
Neat place and we are sure he will be happy here.....he can even ride his bike to work which is just down the road.....perfect 
Well all caught up again and now filling our days with medical appointments over the next few weeks.....nothing sinister, just flu jabs/blood tests/physio etc lol 

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  1. Those 2 little people really are the cutest darlings ever! And they seem so easygoing! You're brave to do so many steps. I also have a bad knee and that would have killed me. Have a super week, my friend! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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