Sunday, April 29, 2018

Home and crochet time

Hello just a quick post of being home and other things.....sunset over our backyard the other night.....

In our street each year these birds come to eat in this tree.....they are Gang Gang cockatoos.....more info here

This is the female.....there were 6 in the tree 

Autumn leaves are falling although the weather has been quite warm still 

Part of our daily walk to the post office

I made a lovely seafood chowder 

And I am working on that other blanket using up stash yarn 

Getting bigger and love it 

On Friday we came to the city and Woody loves his view out 

Last night we went to a pub in the heart of the city and this is on the outdoor balcony 

A $4 pizza, yes not low carb but was actually very small between us lol 

Hello from us 

And managed this quick snap of one of the carriage horses in the city 

The moon looking full although so does the street light lol 

And a bit more hooking last night while watching a show on the Natural History London museum......we went there last year so rather neat to watch.
Well today we catch up with Paul's kiddos 
Hope your weekend is great out there xoxo


  1. It was nice to see a "day in the life" of you two when you're at home not traveling the world! LOL! I bet the sound of the birds you have there is exotic and wonderful. We're trying to rest up after our trip and then we had a bus tour of some petroglyphs and Maryhill Museum yesterday, up at 6 am.. UGH. Today is relaxation all day. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. So good to see you two 😀😀Your blanket is pretty, Wendy! And I am glad Woody is enjoying himself as well. April showers here will lead to more leaves on our trees just as your trees are giving their leaves up...both lovely seasons, though, I think. I am knitting a dishcloth this afternoon...or will be when I stop typing to you 💞💞


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