Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Time with April and Cooper

Hello again my friends and family ☺  Yes on to another granny square blanket with Sophie waiting for me to revisit lol 

We went back to our city pad with Woody on Friday 4th after having our flu needles 

On Saturday the toys were keenly awaiting some cuties who were coming for  2 nights 

And here is April with Granpa.....we took them out for a walk and stopped at this neat waterside pub....ordered shearers platter and some oven roasted sweet potato strips 

This probably looks strange but Cooper did have a bottle with water and helped him drink better this way lol 

April enjoyed the sweet potato and some toast too 

Cooper enjoyed looking out at all the boats and he had people wave at him as they walked past. He smiled a lot at them ♥

On our way back we stopped at a nearby park.....Cooper loved the swing and had a good crawl around too 

April loves this park and this time being a little bigger went side by side with Granpa 

They had a lot of fun many times 

That afternoon April rested with my new crochet blanket and chatted away ☺

Mr Cooper had a sleep and sneakily got this snap ♥

The sky was looking rather stormy but it just past us by......

April loves this bee and had fun wrapping it up 

That night they had a bath in the trough lol.....April washed first alone then added Cooper before getting her out....they loved this fun 

Cooper in his batman all in one ready for bed chilling with Granpa 

And April relaxing just before bed 

Sunday morning up nice and early......zzzz Dressed, eaten breakfast and ready for the day by 7

We had Rex and Jason visit for some Uncle fun time......April laughed a lot and Cooper loved seeing these guys ♥♥

Later that day we took a walk out with them to go find those helicopters 

April loved walking along with Granpa holding on to her pushers strap lol 

I was pushing Cooper ☺☺

And later April wanted me to take a snap of her lol 

April took this selfie of her, Cooper and Granpa 

Cute guy chilling again before bed 

And don't even ask me how early this was.....Granny was barely awake lol But up we were getting ready for our last morning with them 

Cooper loved being out on this balcony.....and crazy boy just could not crawl over that tiny track so ended up like a playpen for him lol lol 

And Monday they have pre-school so we were told to drop them there.....Cooper sitting forward in our car and loving the view 

April ready for the ride and loved this cup I bought her.......Lives with Granny so she can use it when we get is a no spill-able I like it too ☺☺

Cuties bye bye 

Yes another snap of him........

And now we are back home and I didn't drop off their washing so have done it return later....cute little clothes on our line ☺☺♥

Last night a show called Master Chef has started again so we watched this first episode but don't know if we will watch the whole season.....and me back to hooking each evening lol 
How has you week been?  It is quiet here and Granny is resting lol 


  1. Cute little babies. They are enjoying their day. We can see the happiness on their faces.
    Colorful and beautiful blanket made for them:)

  2. What cute little people and such good grandparents! I'm impressed with all you did with them. They're lucky little ones. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. They sure are Teresa and we did have fun too


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