Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Family time

Oh hello there, yes me hooking on as usual lol 

Still watching Master chef too 

We went back to the city last Friday and the weather was crazy 

Does not look it, but this tree was being blown fiercely 

Woody kept warm under the blanket 

On Saturday these 2 came for just a visit for pre mum's day 

Cooper loved having a swing with Granpa 

a little video of the fun 

Ray and April loved the slide 

Fun on the slide 

Lovely little park which we go to as often as we can 

Cooper has amazing blue eyes ☺☺

Ray gave me these lovely tulips 

On Sunday Mothers day we caught a tram to visit a few markets 

This was the St Kilda market with lots of stalls 

A beautiful day it was near the beach 

The swimming baths, must go sometime 

Down the other end of the market 

Luna Park an amusement ride place ☺

We found a new place to eat at and will return for sure 

Later in the afternoon we stopped for coffee and they had bulletproof coffee so I indulged lol 

That night we were meeting the rest of my kiddos and some grandies.....tables ready 

The old granboys lol Brandon and Batty 

Selfie fun with Sarah and Shannon 

Frank next to me then Jason and Rex ♥

This place was called Wings of Glory and boy did we eat em lol 

Shannon bones ☺

And I gave Sarah this t-shirt which said "Every life should have 9 cats" and she sent me this pic ♥♥

Woody relaxed that evening 

Even helped with the hooking lol 

Sarah gave me this lovely Mitt which will now live at city pad ☺☺

And another pic of Sarah and her 3 cats.....she said she just needs another 6 lol

Back home and brought the flowers back here 

A bit of low carb cooking with cabbage and bacon yum 

And more squares happening.....must really get back on to Sophie blanket.....
And tomorrow (Thursday) we head back to the city again.......
Do hope you all enjoyed your Mothers/Nurture person day xoxo


  1. I always get a kick out of how much time you spend with your big family, good for you! Your daughter is really beautiful and so are her cats.. they are huge! Have a super week, my friend. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Yes those kitties are huge and she is tiny lol


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