Wednesday, May 23, 2018

More fun and a crane being removed

Hello again.....on Saturday we left our building and noticed that one of the cranes on the building next door was being removed......

This is the one being deconstructed 

From another angle it is losing its head ☺

And down part of it came 

Getting loaded on one of the many trucks involved 

Another part waiting 

And another truck too 

This crane is near our pool 

Looking from our window down to the crane bits 

When we went out later a Army helicopter was hovering around....

We took a tram to the South Melbourne market.....and saw this hand poking out of a building lol 

In the afternoon we caught up with Leone again and we visited this ship 

Now permanently stored here and being restored constantly buy many volunteers 

After travelling 1.5 million miles and circumnavigating the world 17 times The Polly Woodside now welcomes you aboard.
Built in Belfast in 1885, the three masted cargo vessel carried coal and wheat between England and South America.
The tide was flowing in from the Yarra 

Lovely ship for sure and our city pad is only across the road 

Some fun stairs down below 

I was amazed how long this ship was. 

Down below where a lot of work is being done to restore 

Paul and Leone enjoying too 

Lovely bell which Paul rang 

Looking out to where our building is....yes that little one next to the big crane 

Them enjoying the view too 

We then went to a cafe for a cuppa and yes there is our building again lol 

Nice afternoon for sure and we said goodbye to Leone later as she was flying home on Sunday

I bought this neat box of choc at a factory outlet to take to a party on Sunday 

And later we saw this being loaded down from that other crane 

Getting shorter 

On Sunday we went to a party for my Bro n Law CARL 70th and many came and lots of little ones too ♥♥

Little Chelsea loved that I had Woody there lol 

Piper standing is Chelsea's little sister and Eric next to her is a cousin. Luke bending has his twin girls Grace and Georgia and his son Jonathan sitting on chair. Adam sitting next to him is Chelsea and Piper's Daddy. 

And another cutie Demy with Daddy Brent and Uncle sis Jule in the distance is their Mum

My brother Robbie and Carl chatting 

Robbies lovely wife Lynn and cousin Faye......we had a great afternoon at Carl's sisters place 

On our way back to city Rob rang me to say he had heard "Puffing Billy" info here puffingbilly

So of course we stopped at the track 

Toot Toot 

A couple of snaps travelling backwards 

And a movie too ☺☺

Back at the city pad for our last night and Lynn gave me this great salt lamp for my birthday ♥♥

And we heard and saw some fireworks......don't know why but great for us to see out our window lol 

Today as we left I took another snap of that crane now half the size......will be gone by the time we get back here next Friday I would think.
Well hope you have enjoyed my posts lately xoxoxo


  1. I love that big sailboat! And what a big family gathering with lots of cute little ones. You live a good life, my friend. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Such fun and so interesting to get glimpses of what you have been doing, Wendy! I love that you are able to gather with family and friends often, too :-) Special wow about that crane! Amazing! xx

    1. Thanks Gracie and reckon that crane will be gone when we go back xo


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