Sunday, June 24, 2018

Home and ssssss

Well look at this fab meal at one of our pubs. $12 Parma including pot of cider and no did not eat all those chips or all of that Parma lol 

And ready for this to come to my home town Saturday......

Found this old copy of Alice in Wonderland 

Cute and going to have a read to the end ☺☺

Just look at Michael Portello's pants of Brittish Railway ♥

We are now back rewatching Game of Thrones 

And more hooking of granny squares this week.

And Saturday this was coming towards me on that footbridge ♥♥


The diesel which was also pulling carriages 


Going to refill with some water for the rest of its trip 

Steam, modern diesel Velocity and Old diesel.....

Coming towards me 

So big and so close ♥♥

And this one when it returned

Too dark to film as they left last night (Saturday)

I kept warm in this lovely windcheater and my thick red coat which is almost 40 years old 

Last night back to Game of Thrones and more hooking
Well that is enough excitement..... now back to our daily life ♥♥ 


  1. You're getting your train fix aren't you! LOL! It was fun to see the different trains and engines being Dayle was a train engineer. I'm glad to see you enjoying your retirement. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Yes it sure is great and so many chances to see them all year round. xo


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