Saturday, July 14, 2018

A bit of a leak and cutie fun

Hello and just look at this.......we had a shower on Monday morning and I noticed a leak from the fan/heater/light 😩😩 So Paul went in the roof and discovered water pipe had a nail wrapped around it and worn a hole....luckily we were back and not on our next long trip....Plumber fixed Tuesday morning so all good now......

We enjoyed watching the sun rise as we had 2 little people stay for 2 nights......

Yes April and Cooper

Cooper loves playing with my assortment of teady's and dolls 

Enjoying together 

And of course some fun sibling sharing at it's best lol 

And look who is now walking 

A lovely walk down to our post office.....very cold but at least the sun was shining 

Shadow pic with April 😃😃

They love to eat 

Cheesy face lol 

Selfie with Granny 

Quiet time on the couch with blankets before bed 

Goodnight April selfie 

Thursday we drove them down to their Nanna and Papa's house to stay 

We went on to our city pad and staying for a few nights 

We had a walk to an area called The District and they had an ice slide installed for school holidays....

Luckily April to young so Granny does not need to do this lol 

Woody said it was about time he got to say hello again to you all out there.....

Last night (Friday) we had a wine and meal at a neat type pub called Fathers Office 

The lights are all decanters or bottles....

And look we went to see Rocky Horror.....loved this and have been only twice but have watched the movie many times.....

Curtain ready.....and no pics allowed of course but was a fabulous evening.
How are you all out there?  Teresa is in the middle of a heat wave while we are in the middle of cold lol xoxoxoxo


  1. Oh my goodness.. those two are getting cuter by the day! They are kind of off the charts adorable! Does it ever snow there? Have fun in your city pad. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Hey and thanks Teresa. No snow but does up in a mountain 90klms away and in city same except for distant high mountains even further away. xo


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