Thursday, July 19, 2018

Quite a few busy busy days and nights

Hello again my friends. On Saturday we were still in the city and caught the tram for fun. 

There is a few more new cranes just up the road from our city pad, so many more buildings going up

We met my sis and hubby as they also were in city going to a concert for tea....and just look at the prices of some of the we did not order them lol

Sunday we went to the museum with Jule and Carl for fun and the only pic I took there....Our coat of arms 

Only pic I took of them before they caught the bus back home 

And look who came to stay for 2 days.......

Yes Cooper 

And Miss April 

We went on the tram with them 

And look at us all rugged up....cold weather....and decided to go back to the for us oldies 

April loved playing in the kids area 

Running and Cooper just starting to come in

There he goes.....lots of walking running now 

April loved these giraffes 

On the tram back she wanted to stand just like the big cute 

Their evening selfie before bed 

On Tuesday we rugged them up for a trip to the zoo.....

We got to see the tiger.....which is rare lol 

The elephants were all out and about 

Granpa made sure Cooper could see them 

April loved watching them through the fence 

An Orangutan came over to say hello 

They both love the Meerkats as they are at their eye level...

Lions are up the back in the photo's 

So cute, she wanted me to take a pic of her with the lions ♥♥

And of them both too ♥♥

They had plenty of fun with the friendly crocodile lol 

Great visit and will do again as we are yearly members.....

And look how the weather turned many hours later when safely back....see the rainbow trying to shine through 

Short dark storm......

Cooper loves sitting with Granpa a lot......
Daddy picked them up late on Tuesday 

Yesterday as we left we noticed carpets getting cleaned on our floor.....

We are now back home and rewatching more Game of Thrones....
Washing catchup here and resting lol 


  1. How lucky your littlies are to have you show them the wild (or caged actually) animals! It's so good for kids to see all the animals as they grow up. Hopefully they'll love them enough to try to save them someday. We are looking forward to the final GoT episodes! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Thank you again oh faithful Teresa ☺☺ Yes love being able to do this with them as I did with the older ones many years ago xoxo


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