Thursday, July 26, 2018

Back and Forth ♥♥

Well hello again ☺  Yes still more hooking happening at home 

And the rewatching of Game of Thrones 

Making this into a blanket for who ever ☺☺

Oh no, where are my dragons.....sad one this 

Just me and my pj top lol 

On again....getting sick of this yet??

But back in the city on Monday Woody enjoyed what ever was on the telly there 

Yes Cooper came on Tuesday 

With smiley April for the night 

They did a little bit of nice sibling sharing ♥♥

We rugged them up for a tram ride to an area called The District 

We found a Woolly Mammoth on display which Cooper said ROAR 

Lovely winter display here amongst shops and cafes 

Even has snow play times (machine made snow) real snow here 

Granny all rugged up 

His eyes are an amazing blue and they love the park near our building 

Granny and April shadow snap, made her look really tall ☺

This Art work was whizzing around as it was a real windy day 

April gave the lady bug a spin on this 

While Cooper had a nap April enjoy some fruit with jelly....all natural stuff 

Later they did some drawings together 

Having a good relaxing time 

Late in the day they watched Moana which they love.....I enjoy it too 

On Wednesday after a rather early start to our day did Aprils hair ready for an outing 

Train ride this time 

Back to the zoo......they are free and we are members so fun to do with them 

Plenty of running around on the fake grass area 

And Cooper even managed to climb to the top...he is just starting to walk up on the right.....April already up the top......Grandpa saved him as he sped up walking down lol 

Meerkat fun again 

On watch ☺☺

There was quite a bit of biting and wrestling going on in there....April told them to "stop it" lol

And a Cassowary was out in the open to be seen......One of many things trying to kill us in Oz lol  

Wednesday night they had their trough bath and were enjoying their dinner before Daddy came and took them home.
Today we are now back home to get things done before our long trip end August....and the SNOW TRAIN STEAM is coming on Saturday...toot toot. xoxoxoxo


  1. I sure do love posts with those 2 darling grandchildren of yours. You are such good grandparents! We're in a heat wave here so it's odd to see you all bundled up in hats and coats! Have fun on your big trip! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Thanks Teresa and boy that sure is hot for you over there....hope Canada cooler by the time we get there lol


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