Monday, July 9, 2018

Glimpse of Swan Reach South Oz and onto Mannum

Well hello again.....see nothing out here along the road.  Typical in Oz, can drive for hours with nothing lol 

Any way we stopped at a little town for lunch, called Swan Reach and watched a car ferry going back and forward 

We then stopped to take a view pic, looking down to some free campers and the car ferry to the left 

looking right along the Murray 

Back again to the free area where a few more vans were arriving 

We then got to ride another car ferry on our road trip Wednesday 

Bit of fun 

And found this neat spot with fire place ready to use, but it was a bit wet and cold lol 

Said goodbye to this area and off we went 

We arrived in Mannum southaustralia.murrayrivermannum info here and went across another ferry to check camp spot.....

We decided we would book into the local van park instead but got to ride back again lol 
We actually know friends who live in Mannum and never took any pics 

Anyway during the day they were busy working and took a trip to see where the Murray meets the sea 

Plenty of pelicans and saw dolphins and seals but of course they were under by the time I tried to snap them 

We crossed a bridge to get to that spot and here we are going back 

Not great as weather had turned nasty lol 

Anyway we had a great night out with our friends and ready to get on the road again the next day.

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