Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Last bit of fun in Mannum and on.....

Our last morning in Mannum and all ready to head off 

A bit of a shadow pic, love getting a good tall shadow ☺☺

Goodbye to this also lovely spot 

And before we left we parked and visited this museum 

Plenty of funny metal statues here 

Now my sister has a friend Marion so I shared via facebook some of these pics just for her ♥

Wouldn't this be neat doing 7 nights on board ☺☺

We then visited the interactive part of the museum and had a lot of fun 

And captain we both did ☺☺

Off on the road and crossed the Murray on Murray Bridge which is also the name of the town too 

Later on Friday we past the Big Lobster 

And Cape Jaffa lighthouse 

We found a $10 48hr spot in Kingston SE (only stayed 1 night though) opposite the beach 

And a pub opposite and also supermarket so very handy 

And Paul sat next to this tiger while he ate tea at the pub lol
It was a wild windy rainy night and the Winnie rocked a lot but we did sleep.....


  1. While I have not commented on all your posts I just caught up on, I enjoyed reading them and seeing some of the sights you are seeing on your travels...and on FB or somewhere I enjoyed the video clips of the steam engines, too. Thanks for posting, Wendy! xx

    1. Thanks Gracie and yes you know I love steam lol

  2. More fun adventures for you two. Love the vessel you visited. We get to cruise on a sternwheeler fairly often and I love it. Where are you off to next? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Hey Teresa, back for a while but Canada is coming up fast end of August xoxo


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