Sunday, December 1, 2019

This week and away

Yep another week has flown by.......hello family and friends....enjoying those easy platter lunches

Working on another blanket

Woody catching up on Star wars movie

And another

Made some lovely snowflakes 😀😀

Another enjoyable platter

A lovely clean oven thank you to Paul ❤

Hooked up some red stars

Another railway journey show

Yummy boiled fruitcake....taking this with us when we go away for a week to a seaside place 

Woody just relaxing and saying hello out there

Steven the robot vacuum cleaning the house.....he does a great job

Those stars are now my xmas earrings 

Woody watching something lol

Completed Granny blanket 

Made a little hat for someone

Last wednesday noticed this big crane from our front window......lots happening on the non pathway we use for walking to town.....

Woody enjoyed Tony Robinsons railway trip round the world

Thursday we got the car washed before a road trip

Called in on my sis Lynn for her birthday and she had some lovely snap dragons from hubby ❤

My girl joined me in the city for movie date watching Last Christmas....good we are watching flames near casino....a nightly feature 😀😀

Those flames 

Friday we drove to Torquay a seaside area in Victoria  Info here /Destinations/Torquay  Staying for week and Rex joined us for the night

And his neat partner Jason

One of the rooms 

We had a neat platter selection for our tea that night 

Saturday I took more shots of accommodation 

Looking back to our car


Our room with both rooms having ensuite 

These three arrived for the night 

April and Cooper zooming off

Me and Ray

Looking back to the units

Little playground which April enjoyed 

They both loved the trampoline

Checking out the chickens 

Lots of budgies and parrots 

Bmx track they had fun on 

Mini play equipment perfect size ❤❤

In the afternoon the kangaroos arrive each day.....April loved watching 

Can you see the joey in the pouch? Lots of fun. This place is like a small farm and they enjoyed. All our guests have gone home now and just us today with hideous weather 😂😂😂
Thanks for dropping in xoxo

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  1. I enjoyed seeing the kangaroo and your two littlies racing on their tricycles. You are so good at making sure to connect up with your kids and grandkids and friends. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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