Friday, December 6, 2019

In Belbrae near Torquay time

Hey we were away still at Belbrae and got to love the wet weather lol

Has rained every single day but we still enjoyed some fun

View out from the lounge 

Woody enjoyed watching the royal Edinburgh Tattoo which was held in Sydney Australia this year

Here they come 😀😀

I crocheted myself a xmas hat lol

We visited Bells surf beach....they have surf carnivals here

Wild weather the other day

We also visited Torquay surf beach  

Some surfers were out there 

A bit of a river which does not reach unless high tide or heaps of rain

Jonathon Seagull 

Really quite stunning here

Steps over there to a lookout 

Surf life saving club

On our way back we visited a local chocolate factory.....interesting kangaroos

The building.....

On Tuesday we went back to have lunch there....another roo

Just check out Pauls not low carb lunch

And mine....those chips were so crunchy we just had to eat them lol

I have hooked a few stars

Woody watched some ancient Clint Eastwood movie 😂😂

And we heard that Greedy Smith of Mental as anything had died suddenly of a heart attack at 63 😢😢 Loved their music and him.....a tribute on a music channel we enjoyed 

Wednesday we had fun throwing our frisbies......see way up passing the tree some orange thing 

Here it is landed....good fun and we even played tennis the next day 😂😂

A seagull watching us have lunch 

Body parts of someone 

We found an echidna having a walk near the road

Safely off into the bush

Watching David Attenborough again

Woody saying hello out there

Glow in the dark skull I made for fun

Thursday we visited another lovely surf spot

Good grief not my scene 

Where they run off the edge 

Great view 

Zoomed in snap

Really lovely visual spot 

Today we have left our holiday place and back in city for a few did a little bit of xmas deco 

LOL our calendar 

And down in the foyer the tree is up will just add a few snaps taken with my big camera 😀😀
Plants and view front of unit 

Looking towards car and playground

Zoom to playground

Kangaroo time

Joey in pouch 

Snapped quickly lol
Hope you have enjoyed another post of our life diary and love to all xoxo

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  1. I enjoyed all your photos.. the sea and especially the kangaroos! Thanks for sharing with us.

    *H*A*P*P*Y* * *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*!*!*!*

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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