Monday, June 29, 2020

Fun times, car battery and grandies and lots of hooking 😂😂

Wow 10 days since last post.....hello 😀😀 Been trying to keep busy with some crochet and joined this MCAL mystery crochet along.....making up a Nelly doll from Weebee 

Woody relaxed in the city watching Rick Steins India 

Nelly complete and naked waiting for next part.....over next 3 weeks new parts will be released

We had a nice walk in the city and watched the Melbourne Central clock in the Shot Tower and must go back to film some time as rather neat 😀😀

Finished a Scrappy scarf made with all my bits tied together

Oh look next part to Nelly is hair

With curls 

Long ponytail curls so cute 

Last Sunday week I met my Sarah and look my car would not start when time to part.....

But us clever girls with Jumper leads and slight assistance over phone to our guys all good again.....and crazy as it seems NO problem since.....

Completed another beanie for my gift box or??.....

Baked a loaf in the city too

Washing day in the city on Monday lol

And in a group on Ravelry I was shown these cute chickens and free pattern so made 2 

2nd one 

Both together and quick and fun

Woody liked having new friends 

Oh yes.....Tuesday these 2 came for the day to hang out with us 💙💖

They were happy to be back in city watching those trams

We even all watched Bluey an Australian kiddie show rather good

Having a snack and enjoying.....can you see my 2 chickens up on the shelf?

We took them out for a tram riding due to covid

In the lift 

So happy and cute 💙💖

Doing their own distancing while eating 

And while they were with us I made 2 more chickens 


Coopers.....same so no fighting over colours lol

Daddy picked them up and off they went....blinding them with the flash 😂😂

We made low carb noodle stirfry so yum

And yes....even though gone a week look who is back.....

I have since cleaned the windows 😂😂

Bit of a moon on Thursday night 

This is the fitness park Ray Loz and kiddies did exercise on 2 weeks lots of digging all to do with that swimming complex

Bella under the plastic lizard on our window ledge

Teresa here is my dear Mums windmill now at our place.....I bought it for her many moons ago and she painted it twice......

Getting a bit rusty and corroded so will just leave as can see Teresa's 2 windmills here Raising-windmill.html impressive 

And next part of mcal was a bikini and sandals.....I added a little necklace....skulls of course 

Bit of close up

She looks ready to tackle someone.....lookout Woody 😂😂

We had no chickens here so last night I made this aqua one and Woody liked...
Hope your keeping cases are rising and lots of testing happening
Take care my special ones xoxoxo


  1. What a fun post, Wendy! I loved seeing those two darling grandchildren of yours and fun to see how they love your little chicks. The doll is adorable and I love her ringlets. Cute as can be.. who will get her? Thanks for sharing your Mom's windmill.. I'm glad you have it now. Sending love your way. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Thanks Teresa yes that windmill is special. As for little doll dont know who or may keep lol Yes thise 2 are so cute


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