Sunday, January 10, 2021

More catching up 😀😀

Well what a great pic to start with lol
Hello my family and friends 😀😀 
Covid times are not good but I try to keep it fun here
These wines were enjoyed way back on the 2nd of Jan and while in the city

We cooked up some pork belly (no cooked pic lol)

A simple tomato spring onion salad

And we had day

I have been working on a crochet blanket.......simple 4 rounds of a colour

On Sunday we got ready for a few visitors

Showing items that some little hands could grab lol

Steven our robot vacuumed the pad

Good work Steven 

We continued watching Discovery 👽👽

Monday this was 1 of our visitors......Jaylen now 10mths and liking Granpa

Nice family time with Pauls kiddos
Brenton front, Nicole, Jess, Jason 😀😀😀😀

Mumma Julia and her busy chatting I took very few pics 

But Paul took these pics for me

Sweet little man

Woody has tried to help hooking........he wonders what happened to our adventures 🤔🤔

One of my xmas gifts 😀😀 Going to have fun with this

We ate out (safely) Some delicious nachos 

Lamb ribs 

Woody also welcomes a new friend Batty 

Low carb noodle chicken dish I made 

And on our way back home on Wednesday we stopped half way for a late breakfast 😀😀
We shared Pork belly and Hash poached egg dishes

And Teresa look your lovely card 😀😀🎄🎄  her blog and thankyou

We came back to yummy strawberries 

And blueberries ripening

All of my xmas cards 🎄🎄 with Teresa's 

And I also got these neat skulls 

Thanks Jess and Jason and also with windchime from another year ☠

Batty now lives on my bed lol

Back to lower carb with lamb, basil carrots, soy garlic brocolini

Slowly hooking some nights
View from our kitchen window 😀😀
We are currently having hot weather which being summer is expected lol
May you ALL keep safe and well out there
Much love and hugs too all ❤❤

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  1. Ohh.. that adorable little red-headed boy! It looks like he is well-loved. I'm so glad my card got there, although it looks like it missed being there on time. Your blanket is looking good. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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