Sunday, May 2, 2021

City enjoyment and steam 🚂🚂

Hello to you all from us. Woody was keen to go somewhere 

So city we did and have enjoyed taking lots of pics with camera and phone 

Catching up with family and friends over the days 

Yarra River looking nice 

Plan was to see the full moon BUT wrong spot lol

Meant to rise way out there but BUILDINGS 

Anyway enjoyed the change in the light 

Melbourne Star was not open on Tuesday night

Flights happening though 🛫✈🛬

Getting Darker 

And the casino fires on the hour after 6

Back at pad Woody watched Petes Dragon 2016

Lovely coffee from the cafe at bottom of our building next morning 

Paul had computer repairs to do too

Wednesday night another go at non full moon lol

Waiting so snapped the buildings 

We were on the Princes Bridge 

At least pretty out here waiting 🤣🤣

One of the many performing art buildings in Melbourne 

And the best I could get of that moon 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Anyway Woody enjoys the view each day

We enjoyed tasty Ham Hock (Pork Knuckle) at a fave restaurant The Hof

A few have enjoyed my cookies and cake 😀😀

Yesterday we took a different walk after a tram ride 

Treasury Gardens 

Saint Patrick's church from a distance 

Out front 

Woody says hello ❤❤

And today THIS 🚂🚂

Just the rails 

R761 was at the front and had to change spots

Coming past 

Toot Toot 

Coming back 

Zoom with camera 

Another random snap 

In position with K190

Neat eh? So many people but I kept away
Decided to go to another platform

On the other side. Looooong walk lol


Walked along 

And enjoyed all the hissing 

And planes too flying to NZ 

Ready to to newer Velocity train and old diesel
I took a few videos with my camera but wrong format so will have to work on that 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️
Anyway may you be enjoying your week and weekend xoxoxoxo


  1. So enjoyed your city views and the photo of the moon even if it was not all you hoped to see. I visited all your April posts and admired your sewing! Happy April birthdays! Lovely you had visits with Grands and others! And always fun to see what Woody is involved in: camping, trains, birds, pink nosed critter in a tree, much interesting!((hugs)) (so sorry for your tooth trouble!)

  2. Hello, I'm Betsy, a friend of Teresa Kasner's who is a follower of your blog. Her husband Dayle asked me to let her blog friends know that Teresa passed away unexpectly today as a result of her recent illness. Please keep her husband and family in your thoughts and prayers.
    Thank you for being a blogging friend.

    1. Thank you Betsy and much love sent to all. A much loved blog friend 😔😔 Will be sadly missed ⚘⚘


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