Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Lockdown easing and gardening

Hello, yes lockdown here easing and us even able to go on a trip within victoria but not yet
Leftover Roast Lamb became tasty souvlaki minus the wrap 

This tasty spring onion muffins became a mini BLT 

I have been working on our garden trying to kill off weeds and plant 

More sugar cane mulch 

My little shed and yes that is an old toilet I may put Lavender plant in it 

Lots of mulch in back garden that has Fruit trees and Rhubarb and plenty of bulbs shooting up

Look so lovely and my Mum's Windmill which I gave her years ago 

Another mini bed 

Low carb pizz base 
Just grated  1 cup cheese and 3 eggs beaten mixed 10-15 mins in 190c oven

Ready for toppings later 

Another bed mulched 

Love my egg cage 

Variety of toppings 

15mins back in oven anything you like 

2 tasty pieces 

Paul made us a simple omelette 

He also has now completed installing our diesel heater

We had another Staycation at home 

We love our newish fence and front yard 

More flowers opening in our pots 

I also planted some lettuce and spring onions 

Heater all covered ready for the road soon lol

Maggie still visits 

Woody was excited for another Saturday night 

Just outside the van door this little Lavender is growing in front of my frog 

Back in the van 

Enjoyed some white wine 

And steamed dumplings 

Woody again watching The Doghouse 

Loves this show 

Breakfast in the van

Spying on the hood Sunday morning

Back checking on the plants 

Actually hailing out there 

Can you see the ice 

Roasted Chicken thighs and Radishes with onion 

Also enjoyed more of the Ginger Beer Kombucha 

Cabbage Chicken stir fry with thai sauce 

And yesterday a care visit was required to assist with required foods etc
Lincoln is now 3months old 

Jaylen loves remote controllers 

Fun with Granpa 

That tongue poking daughter lol

Checking each other out 

Thinking about opening the fridge lol

Pepper was pleased to see us

Puss was also happy lol

Police doing covid travel checks 

Said goodbye to Lincoln 

And goodbye Jaylen
He wanted to go with us ❤❤😀😀
May this find you all safe and well xoxoxo

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  1. It won't be long before the boys are both running around. Great photos. The stir fry looks delicious. I admire folks that can cook like that. Happy Travels!


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