Friday, October 8, 2021

Keeping entertained at home and walking

Back again and we did another Staycation to entertain our selves last Saturday

Our front area is looking good

We enjoyed a simple beef cabbage stirfry 

And of course Woody watched his usual Saturday night viewing

In the morning he checked the solar panels which give us power
No need for powered sites

He says hello from the hatch over our bed 

Back in the house we enjoyed His and Her platters for lunch 

Dinner we sure enjoyed these Asian wings and Bok Choy 

Monday's breakfast I made Keto muffins and so large cut in half but next time 1/4
So quick and easy 

Served with bacon and bok choy 

LUNCH we enjoyed Roast Beef and this great salad No-Tato 

Dinner was Keto Chili bake 
Yes so many recipes 😂😂 LOCKDOWN 

Monday Woody enjoys this show and we reminisce on our trips 

More food 🤣🤣
A simple Bacon Brie Frittata for breakfast 
And it was announced we could come out of lockdown
Not much of a change but......

I baked some Ginger biscuits 

And sewed some exercise pants to help COVID pounds 😁😂

Decent pocket to hold my mobile 

Woody enjoyed more of Michael Portillo travels 

We loved our Alaskan cruise in 2018

Wednesday we were up early and I prepared dinner before 9am 
Ready to cook later 

On our walk admired these Gum Tree flowers

It was a really nice day and good for our daily walk 

Looking back to our street 

Trees getting their leaves back 

And the front area of our New Swimming complex now has fence down and grass mowed 

Another platter lunch this time with creamcheese dip
Creamcheese Sour cream and onion flakes mixed 

We bought a mini hot house and I put the zucchini inside 

Sprouting well

Paul moved our Winnie ready to get a back window replaced
Long wait for it to be delivered to van guy

I also tested this idea out
Cute small cubes of tasty cheese and put on baking paper and cover with paper towel
Place in an area for 2-4 days 

Place in oven 190c bake for 10mins (watch could be sooner)

Perfect crunchy cheese snacks 

The Magpies who visit have their nest up there 
Today I saw a baby in the nest 

Enjoyed that casserole which was low carb noodles with Bacon Tomato Cheese and leftover no-tato salad 

Our van with replaced window back home 

Threw in my crockpot yesterday Cut up chicken thigh Capsicum Zucchini Bok Choy cashews and an Asian type sauce 

Few hours later Delicious 

And last night I crochet another chicken 

Getting out of hand 🤣🤣🐔🐔

This morning I baked these Ham and Cheese muffins 

Very nice and 6 in the freezer 😁😁
From this Aussie site 
Well may you all be keeping safe and well


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