Saturday, January 15, 2022

A few bits of home sewing

Hello again
This time back with pics of some sewing I did for xmas and upcoming birthdays
T shirts for Cooper April Jaylen 

The cute baby Yoda

Cat Unicorns and April loved 

Romperall for Lincoln 

Neat Robots lol

Headband for April

Made these ones for Sarah and she wears them all the time 

Emoji for Lincoln 

And Jaylen 

A hat for Lincoln 

Zombie Shorts soon for Cooper 

Hair ties for me lol

A dress for April birthday party today 

Toy Story 

Hair tie for Cooper he liked lol 

Made myself some xmas jewelry 

My Ted now has pants 

Bought this doll Lexie same as Aprils doll
So testing patterns

She fit Teds pants lol

Lovely doll

Made leggings 

Some for April and her doll 



Matching dress for her doll 

So neat and fun

Headbands for April and doll 


Fits my doll well 

And made this for my doll 

Snaps too

Fits perfect 

Just hanging around lol

All in the box together 

Jaylen in his T 

Lincoln in the rompers 

All out in the car lol
Well that is it for now of my sewing
Take care everyone ❤❤


  1. Oh my... so, so cute ������ You are realy very creative person.
    It is great to be adult but still have a chance to play with dolls �� I have my favorite Teddy, he is almost 50 years old now ��
    Have a great time.
    Greetings from Sarajevo

    1. Thank you Sabina. My teddy is 1yr younger than me so almost 64 😀


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