Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The beginning of laundry reno!!

Here are a few pics of the now getting dismantled/destroyed/repaired laundry.

 Actually like these tiles, but need to go as wall behind not too good, so wall decisions to be made.

 Love my maytag front loader ♥♥
 Goodbye to the old trough and wait on plumbers quote for new one and taps.
My handyman is doing the rest though. ☺☺

and yes a pic of mum (nanny) nice and snug with my scarf and shawl and even my car rug too lol.

A hole all the way through to the kitchen cupboard  lol.                                                                    
 And the man himself, busy ♥
New to this blog land, but hey I am good at talking to myself almost everyday so at least I can entertain myself very well ☺☺

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