Saturday, June 30, 2012

Another stripe blanket and those road works

Just a short post today as being at home have not done a lot of exciting things and those roadworks are continuing in our street. Going to be for roughly 2 months, great........
They have dug up our side of the street to replace the curbing whilst sinking some large pipes to improve the drainage. 
New curbing has now been done and we had to get our cars out and could not bring them back into the carport for 2days, so we parked at the RSL near us. 
Our driveway and plenty of holes still needing to be filled and the rest of our side of the street to get its curbing possibly next week. 
Do you know how much noise one of these diggers make as it is going up and down the street with a constant beep, beep, beep, beep......... Not easy for Paul to sleep whilst on nightshift. They are going to replace the driveway and seal the whole road, so will have to get cars out for quite a few more days in the coming month or 2, think we should go away eh??

And to make my days a bit nicer I have started another Granny Stripe blanket and can see details on my ravelry projetct page here granny-stripes .  I am using Stylecraft special dk bought from deramores it is amazing soft for an acrylic and great price and quick delivery.

Now on my second repeat of the stripes, very bright, wonder how long it will take me to finish as I really do so much time wasting by looking at patterns and very little actual doing lol.
Hopefully I will get on with more before next post, although I am also doing another pair of socks, cant stop making more, and of course I wear them and love them. Hope your weekend is warm and fun ☺☺♥♥

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