Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Roasted Pork Belly and my crochet

Hello again isn't good food yum even if its a bit high in fat? Got to love the good old Roasted Pork Belly.
There it is in our turbo electric oven with a nice marinade underneath of honey, soy, lemon juice, tomatoe paste, nice.  Here is a link to the cooker which is now available for aldi turbo cooker $24.95 and they work great, ours is not Aldi, but got one for $35 and also one for around $60 which is more metal than glass and travels with us in the van,

Yep the top view and nicely scored for good crackling to happen.

Almost cooked, insn't it looking yummy and tasty.

And yes some nicely cooked potatoe's, carrots, onion and garlic all only sprayed with oil, see we do try to go as low fat as possible.  And these were just done in the regular oven, no fan force here yet, but do have future plans for the kitchen renovation. Yes the belly pork is not low fat but we cook it as low fat as you can.
Here is the Granny Stripe blanket so far, getting into the 3rd repeat of stripes, it is a very cheery blanket that's for sure ☺☺
And just because I can another 2 progression shots. I crochet slowly so probably just a few rows a day.

It is a very bright happy blanket ☺☺
What are you cooking or doing lately?


  1. fantastic blog, love jule

    1. thankyou, nice to have a comment or 2 ☺

  2. Replies
    1. Thankyou, I do hope the ones who get this blanket love it too ☺


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