Sunday, July 8, 2012

Full moon and gone fishing!!

Hello again, I have been doing more of the  blanket and slowly growing, but, oh the ends to sew in. Well I have now sewn these ones in but have now done more rows so yep, more ends to sew again lol.  Had a look outside and saw a wonderful full moon so had to take a snap.
There it is in beautiful glory. Really I must get myself a better camera, but like this shot anyway.

While visiting my sister and brother in-law, he decided a day of fishing was in order as it was a cool/cold day, but beautiful and sunny. We have had soooo much rain, it was a pleasure to have none.

There she is, my sister J, not keen on the camera though lol

And just to prove I was out in a boat on the water my pic. They wished they had taken shots/movie of my attempts of getting into the boat as not a fan of heights and tide was out so pier was a long way down and just could not get myself to step on down as nothing really to hang on to, so bro- inlaw C drove boat over to a lower pier and I hung on to him as I climbed down/in the boat, just as well I did not slip lol.

There is J's rod hoping to catch some fish.

Here is my neat rod (C's rods though) and it has a little button which casts the line out auto, so rather neat.

Do we look like we know what we are doing? You can sure see how beautiful the day was and fingerless mittens (which I made) came in very handy (excuse the pun lol).

Well after a few hours and NO fish caught decided to head on back in and by now I was more relaxed so the ride back was fun, not the screaming/shouting event it was on the way to our fishing spot.

View out the front of the boat as we head on back.

The driver/fisherman C lol.

And here is his neat little boat!!  Thanks for such a fun time out C xo
Did  you all have a good weekend?

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