Friday, July 13, 2012

Continuing Granny stripe and other crochet fun.

Well still working on the granny strip blanket, very very slowly. Don't know what has happened to my motivation lately, think it has gone on a stroll somewhere lol.
So here is the progress shot, roughly 27/28 double stripes, very bright I know  lol.
Colours again are red, orange, yellow, green, pale blue, royal blue, purple then repeat.
And just for fun a few snaps of some of the fun things I have crocheted in the last 2yrs.

A yip yip, do you remember these guys on sesame street? I got the free  pattern here Yip-Yip-Alien. Something fun to give to my number 2 grandson, wonder if he ever reads my blog.

A cute little bat, cause I love bats. And a novel pressie for special little babies ☺☺

A bootie, which of course I made 2 and gave them to my niece for her baby boy, she likes different things just like me lol. Pattern here booties and can make many different sizes, I really should do more.

Yay, Astro boy, made this guy for my daughter who LOVES astro. Pattern here astro-boy-amigurumi paid for this one and well worth it ☺

Dragon scarf made for number 2 grandson, did this as a cal (crochet along) gave me a chance to learn more about crochet in the beginning.

A cute frog which I made for my number 1 son who likes frogs ☺.  Pattern came from this wonderful lady who has many patterns available on her blog laughingpurple , such well written patterns.

And good old Sponge bob, made this bag for my number 3 son's girlfriend and she liked it ☺☺
Lots of one off things I do and really should make more than one of things as then I might get to keep one myself. Hope the weather is good where you are as it is raining AGAIN, and have not mowed now for 2months, that is a good thing right?


  1. Hello Wendy :)
    Actually I'm looking for astro boy pattern. Seems like I cant buy or see the pattern in internet. Can I buy the pattern from you? I want to crochet astro boy for my boss. He like astro boy so much. Hope can see your reply soon. You can email me at

    Thank you :)

    1. Hello!!
      I have sent you an email re where to find the pattern ☺☺

    2. Hello Wendy. Thank you for you reply.
      Actually I gave wrong email. My email is I am so so so sorry. But can I ask you to re-send the email to my real email? Sorry Wendy if I'm causing you trouble. Astro boy pattern is important for me. I've clicked the link above but seems like that pattern already sold out. :(


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