Sunday, September 23, 2012

Driving, family and crochet time.

The man had a couple of night shifts, so I relax with the odd candle burning and enjoying incense wafting through the house, whilst crocheting and watching the Television.
Nice relaxing times before the mega driving ahead.

The blanket my Nana made me roughly 50yrs ago, love it very much.
Then next morning heading off to take my mum to a dear friend's funeral, go pick up my 11yr old grandson, drop mum back home, then on to my sister's for the night. Next day I drove her over to where her hubby was watching one of her son's enjoying surfing (a new hobby for him) and yet again, I did not take any pictures, but this time because I forgot my camera!! Silly me so all I can offer you is the link to some pictures of the place called Surf beach and also Philip Island.
surf beach pictures  philip island  The day was beautiful and really kick myself for not having the camera...........

When I arrived back home after the 500klm journey down and back there was Missy having a visit with her Dad.  She was heading out for some fun with friends and enjoyed a nice meal out with us.

Granny stripe is still growing and have sewn in all those pesky ends so far.

Had planted some potato's and some are just starting to show through the sugar cane mulch.

The result of the Daffodil's but this is a Jonquil and almost at the end of its life.

"Hey you better be careful on that ladder Mr" He is obsessed with the solar panels and loves checking how much power they have made each day ☺☺

And here is the little visitor, Sebastian 11 and about to wake up to start having fun at Granny's house ☺☺
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  1. Your nanna's blanket is beautiful. It's a nice thought that in another 50 years maybe someone will treasure our labours of love the way you treasure your blanket

    1. Thankyou, and yes will be wonderful if all we do now is loved too ☺☺


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