Monday, September 24, 2012

Vodka Rhubarb ready!!

Well do you remember when I started to make this??? post here It has done the 2months wait so yesterday I decided to strain it off.

Isn't it a great colour, wonder what it would be like eating the pieces of fruit, slightly intoxicating.... lol

Goes well in the red square bottle and is now living in the freezer to sample when we feel like a little kick. It tastes rather nice, not too sweet with a hint of rhubarb ☺

Here is something we were hoping to pick up from aldi's as one of their specials starting on Saturday. The man went down to our local Aldi to see if they had any left on Sunday, but no.  So a drive over to another town and they had 3 left, one white and 2 black so we chose the black one's and got 2, 1 for each of us.

Look!! The fold up bike all unfolded, rather neat. We are now going to take these away when we are in the caravan or not wanting to have our mountain bikes hanging off the back of the car as they fit nicely in a bag in the back of the car. Now no excuse for not getting extra exercise.

And here is Mr 11 happily enjoying Granny's baby computer playing Plants_vs._Zombies a different game for young and old lol. ☺☺

Decided on a BBQ out the back after picking up some chicken sausages as Mr 11 was getting pretty hungry.

He came out to check if all was cooked. Don't you love my hanging arrangement amongst my wind chimes lol. It is great when the weather turns hideous, which is often here, but as luck would have it the sun came back and I could have left all the clothes out on the back yard clothes line, oh well lol.
One a day Tuesday tomorrow so I better get one with adding rows to that granny stripe blanket.


  1. The folding bikes look brilliant.....bikes on the back gobble fuel on long journeys and often you just want one for a quick pop!

    1. Yes, use enough fuel whilst towing as it is, so will be great having these bikes lol.


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