Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A short visit and time still going fast

Another week has gone by but at least I have taken a few snaps. We had the chance to go away for 3 nights with a van club we became members of to a place very close to where my Mum and other family members live. As Mum was having one of her hospital visits it meant I was nearby to take her and visit here again ☺ She is going ok. This is the Panther quilt on the bed in the van.

The weather was cold but at least the sun was shining so we took a short trip to one of the beaches and as you know I always love the different signs we come across. This one even had no flying of planes (model type) and horses too.

Lovely blue sky and a nice beach in Mt Martha one of the many beaches along mornington Peninsula

Quite a few colourful bathing boxes still exist here and worth quite a bit as you could imagine. 

As usual entertained myself in the van with more crochet of a cloth lol

On one of the afternoon we had been invited to an afternoon tea by my Niece and Nephew for the return from a holiday of his Mum and Dad my brother Robbie. These are their cute little Grand babies, so sweet and little miss looks a bit bored lol. She did have fun though.

Here is my brother and as they are called Nansy and Popsy by their grand babies lol cute eh, although the pic is a little dark. My Mum was able to attend this as her medical visit the following morning, no more snaps taken though, shame on me......
We had a nice time catching up with some lovely friend's too and with the van group but no other snaps taken.

I am now back at home and heading down to pick up Mum once we know when she will be coming out of hospital. Here is those succulent plants I have shown before and I never realised they can actually flower. Neat and look forward to watching them all open out.

Here is the Aloe Vera plant that also is blooming with a flower!!

And of course cannot forget one of my Rosemary plants which had a good trim a month back and now flowering again.
How has your week been and do you have things growing? Winter here but that's okay as I don't mind cold weather.
Thanks again for dropping by xoxo

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  1. Wendy, it was fun to see the Rosemary you mentioned in your last post, and the other two blooms are pretty. It's interesting to me they are blooming in your colder months. Glad you enjoyed a trip with the van club and were able to visit with family as well. The bath houses always look so cheery to me, in UK photos, but I have no memory of seeing bath houses here in the USA, although they may exist. I got a few more row done on my shawl, but need to sit still long enough to make some real headway on the project :) Wishing you and yours happy days,
    Gracie xx


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