Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Grand babies and Steamrail Train fun ♥

Hello again, time has gone away from me again but yes I have been busy ☺
We were about to have 2 grand babies for 3 days/nights and thought I would make my good old lemon drink. Little Misty almost 6 loved it.

Also a nice light but yummy slice with little bits of choc melted over. She liked this too.

Drove down to pick them up and here they are ready for the 2hr trip back to Granny and Grandpa's with a couple of crochet hats I made and Rafferty the rat mat in little Riley 8mths hands ☺

Look at that smile lol, he now has 2 teeth and likes us.

Gorgeous girl, she was an absolute delight to have ☺

Just a bit of baby equipment in the back of our 4 wheel drive, lucky we have a large car lol
Rafferty the rat mat, was supposed to be a bear but I thought looked more rat like by the time I had knitted it lol. Riley loved those whiskas.

Here he is playing with some Tupperware blocks and having Rafferty play too lol

He loves milk arrowroot biscuits

Just look at that face, cute eh.

Brother and sister bonding over a wii game......He was not in the playpen all the time just for times like this where he loved to stand and watch his sister ♥

Drawing fun at the table and he sat in one of those hook on seats which he loved.

Pretty girl in her pj's ready for bed ☺

Next morning up early ready for a fun day with granny and grandpa.

A short morning nap for the little guy.

Small people washing on the line and thank goodness we had  a couple of good days, cold of course but sunny.

Ready for our walk down to the shopping centre for some bread for sandwiches. Love how she wears her headbands lol. Riley is actually in a suit which his dad my son wore when he was a baby over 30yrs ago and the crochet blanket was made for me by my nanna and is over 50yrs old. Got to love being able to use them again.

That evening she enjoyed a bowl of rhubarb crumble with icecream. She loved it.  

Following day, Sunday just us girls went out to wait for something. She got a little bored as we drove 40mins down the road and then had to wait for over and hour for something coming our way.......

Gave her my camera so she could be my photographer so she had to practice on me lol  

and again lol.

Ahhh train line..........

We now lay in wait beside the train line.......

Ooooooh for these 2 yes 2 wonderful engines, I was very excited but of course drove wisely along beside them for roughly 20mins....toot toot
Good photo taking for an almost 6yr old!!! She really has a knack.
Look she even managed to zoom in and I can tell you, I was driving at roughly 80klms so not an easy thing to do but wow, I was very happy once we got home to see these great shots.


Managed to go to another spot for our last look beside the track, can just see coming into view.

And their they go, lots of carriages, I think about 13 this time. Last year remember I got to go on it and took a pic of my brother on the side of the track here

Later that day my gorgeous girl and her 2 boys came to visit and we had a wonderful time. Pity the pic is a bit blurry but they all are sooooo happy ♥

There are my 4 grand kiddies, Brandon the oldest holding Riley and Sebastian with Misty

They all had a great time drawing together and was lovely seeing them all together ☺
Our last night together and he enjoyed chilling out on the couch with me ☺ 

On monday ready to head back home and let him have a fun time with the singing fish "Billy Bass"

Heading home and looking forward to seeing Mummy and Daddy again. So much fun and our house is now very quiet........We had a wonderful time with my boy and girl's precious kiddies.
Thanks again for dropping by and hope there was not too many pics here lol
xoxo take care ♥



  1. You have such a nice family and you are a wonderful grandma to be so involved with them all. I am sure they love every minute they spend with you. It looks like a really fun and busy time together!

  2. Adorable kiddos! and those crochet projects - just so very cute. Love that bear/rat thing!


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