Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Crochet blanket FINISHED ☺☺ and fun at grandson's performance!

Oh happy days, yes yes I have completed that blanket (might do a black border thought) but FINISHED ☺☺☺☺

Even Jack and Mishap look happy on the couch with it lol

A scarf which I had been making out of bits is now complete and lovely and warm.

And those skulls have become a small obsession, but one niece is going to be very happy when she gets these 4 in the mail. The white one at the front even glows in the dark!! ♥

Something a little different......a few things glued to a peg and worn as a hair clip. Yes I am a little crazy lol

That wonderful flower on the Aloe Vera is quite large now.  

Ditto for the succulent plant. 

One solitary daffodil has opened.

Lemons thriving and being enjoyed by me as a yum drink.

Rhubarb still going great and remember how much little Misty enjoyed that Rhubarb crunch? Well better make some more.....

My dear Mum and my girl waiting to see her son in his performance ☺

Oh dear, not so good of me eh? lol But is hard to take one of yourself lol.  

My grandson had the role of Mowgli

There he is singing "where is love" from Oliver.

Back on stage as Mowgli.

Kaa the python teasing him with a hiss

Kaa still torturing the poor boy lol

Baloo in the blue shorts getting ready to sing up a storm with "bear necessities"

More singing and dancing. Taken with mobile phone as other camera was a mega fail : (

About to be carried off stage by 2 girls lol.
He was the only boy in this!!

Rockin away lol

It was a great fun time had by them and us too ☺ Go Batty!! my little name for him ☺

There he is with a bit of eye liner still and his dear mum in background, she was very happy ☺

And her with my nephew too who came with his 2 little people but no pics as they raced off to have fun in the playground lol. His mum, my sister also came but no pic's of her. Safe for now Jule lol
Well I have had a busy time last few days and great to finish some crochet items.
How are you all going out there?  Thanks again for calling in and the wonderful comments ☺☺


  1. Awwww Mum those pics are Fantastic Batty is rapt to have featured! Thankyou so much ! Wow those succulents have really taken off how beautiful is that aloe ? Love you and you are so very talented with your crotchet ! Xoxoxoxo love Sarah and Boys

  2. I love that afghan Wendy! Glow in the dark yarn???...oh now the wheels are turning. :-) Thanks for the tip. Lots of fun you are having with the fam!


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