Friday, August 9, 2013

I am going to FINISH IT........

Hello again. Look at what I made this week lol. Got to love this skull, the pattern is from kristinskrazyknits blog or via ravelry as Day of the dead skull. It is quite easy and of course I love it.

And a lovely lady in the Ravelry group who I sometimes meet in person gave me this wonderful bat!!! Think I might try and put it on one of my tops or perhaps dress. Love him to bits, thank you Maree xoxo ☺

More of those fingerless mittens from the clever laughing purple challenge-mitts on ravelry or via her website for free. I have made heaps of these ☺

Also at the beginning of making something also from the wonderful Sharon, with my little doll Miss Hap helping me lol

 Right, now this is what I am going to FINISH.....this pile of  12 inch squares, 25 in total have been in the making since the beginning of 2010 for that years square a month challenge. Well, finally have completed all the squares I want and now to put them all together.
Laid them all out on our bed except for 2 that I had in the lounge getting ready to join.

Okay I have now joined them with single crochet across wise (horizontal) and now to continue with the gaps you can see vertically. Wish me luck as now I have said it here I have to finish lol.

Isn't this one cute, it has a little elephants face ☺☺
The colours of this blanket are cheap acrylic purple, black, grey and cream.
Hopefully when I post again this will be completed with a plain border around.
Thank you for all the lovely comments and to so many visitors here.
Take care my friends xoxo ♥


  1. All of these projects are looking great! I love the skull. I really like the "sugar skulls" of Dias de los Muertes. It's celebrated where I live with parades and all types of special events. :)

  2. Wow, you have been busy, Wendy!!! The 12 inch squares are especially amazing to me and will make a wonderfully unique be treasured!
    I'm nearly packed for my next road trip. My sister flies in tomorrow and we plan to leave Sunday morning!
    Happy stitching:)
    Gracie xx


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