Thursday, February 13, 2014

A lovely visitor, but not the fires

Welcome back.......
I think it has been a lot more than 1 week since I posted but here I am again enjoying a very herbal type tea ☺ Rosemary, Lavender, Bay leaf with a hint of green tea thrown in, very uplifting. But I do know a lot do not enjoy my crazy concoctions lol
I was over at appleblossomdreams blog where Astri has been doing a countdown to Valentines day and she had the link to another blog for the pattern for this lovely heart.

So I crocheted one and stuffed a few cottonballs in it so you could put either perfume or essential oils and use it in a room or even the car.  I had someone coming to visit who I was going to give this to ☺

There have been many fires around here as well as other area's in Australia.
Terrible to think of the homes and lives lost.......
The temperatures have been very hot with some part's of OZ extreme...
and once the winds start up it is devastating.

Was a very blue sky before this.

Can just see the hint of blue over our shed.

The sun certainly took on an eery red glow.
The fires have eased now where I live and thankful for the cfa and the long hours they spend fighting the fires and some of these deliberately lit......

Now a visitor was coming and she loves this cheese so of course I bought her a block to eat while here ♥

Yes my beautiful daughter ☺

The 2 of us enjoying a great time together.

And yes the man too lol
Quality time on the computers ☺☺
She was unable to go home the next day due to road closure with the fires so a bonus for me to have her here longer and be safe.

This is just a small part of the main road we use a lot which was burnt.

And another.
The temperatures have been a bit cooler thank goodness and certainly hope it stays that way.
Keep safe where ever you are ☺ 


  1. How scary. I hope they have the fires under control soon. It's often the same where I live in the summer. I'm so glad you had a nice visit with your daughter. :)

  2. Love the heart and especially your daughter visiting with you. Lucky you. Mine lives 3000 miles away from us and it took her 2 years after she moved to come and visit us. Wah. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I remember how eerie being near large fires can be from my time living in northern California. So glad you and yours are safe and had a good visit :) xx

  4. Hi Wendy, I'm over visiting with you from RAV lol.??why??? Well because you were good enough to try helping me, and because I have a couple of blogs as well. I did have a bit of a break from Blogland last year, but it such a nice place to visit lol. I love your little heart!! Look forward to getting to know you better through both Rav & Blogland lol.....I'll be one of your new followers
    Hugs Sharm

  5. So glad to hear that you are safe. How devastating those fires. Here in AZ we have the same issues with wildfires. It is so dry most of the year that it just can't help itself.
    Yay to more daughter time. Love your herbal concoction. :)

    1. Thankyou and yes we all can live in interesting area's. ♥

  6. So sorry about the fires Wendy. I am glad they seem to be under control and that you and your family are alright. Your heart is so cute, thanks for the link. Was it for your daughter along with the cheese? Funny, how we interact anymore these days...everyone on their electronic devices...same thing goes on here, but it is comforting to be in the same room with the loved ones. I really enjoyed your post.


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