Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A short trip away in Winnie ☺

The weeks seem to be flying by at the moment. Hello again and here we are off on a short trip towing the Winnie (5th wheeler)

Of course little miss sunny loves these random trips and the day was beautiful.

We drove through quite a few of the area's that had been badly effected by the current fires.

So many paddocks and tree burnt. 

We stopped at Mitchell river National Park for a bit of a look and a good old walk, got to keep that fitness happening ☺

Den of Nargun quick read here on the Nargun creature. 

We headed on down to the Bluff lookout with thoughts of also going down to the den.

Well the path became a lot more interesting and I decided I would save my knees and not continue down the rocky steep section, The man you can see headed on down.

I headed on back to the Bluff lookout path instead.

The stairs that I did go down on to the Den before the rock path took over.

Instead I had a slightly better walk to the lookout and there is the Mitchell river down below.
The day was very hot and certainly was keeping my eye out for snakes as they are everywhere in summer.


Back to the car for a big drink of water and on the road to our next destination. Back past those burnt areas.

We stopped for our 1st night at Anglers_Rest,_Victoria where we had a visit from a few kangaroo's. This was a very large impressive male ☺

A young mum and her baby

Another young girl

You don't need a mower if you have these kanga's handy to clip the grass lol

Next day we headed on through Omeo and beyond and have past this property a few times and never got a picture of this neat sign.......hmmm wonder ☺

I walked to here to get the picture and as you can see the day was wonderful and blue with gorgeous mountains around.

Back to the car to continue our little trip. We really are loving getting around with the Winnie, quite easy to drive and getting better at reverse parking too ☺

The Omeo highway has a lot of roadworks happening which is great as it will be much wider and is a very well used road for people heading up into the mountains summer or winter for the snow.

Lovely creek with area blocked off so you can swim safely in a deeper section just past the little concrete wall in the water.

Omeo has a really great park to stop at with a store as well.

We continued on to Tallangatta and had a great steak sandwich in this pub.

A simple name but look what they have inside......
Yes there very own Tardis! This was a gift from the lady owner to her hubby for his birthday. How neat and well worth the visit to see and have a great meal ☺

Of course me being a crazy train loving gal I always love the old railway bridges too.

This trestle bridge was at mount-lawson-state-park and had a nice walk to get a picture of this lovely old bridge.

The walk back.

Amazing how washed away the sides of this area is and wonder how long before some of the trees fall down......

A quick stop at Tooma Dam in the Snow mountains and I must say the temperatures went from 38 Celsius to 18 Celsius in a about an hour, lovely and cool lol

When up in the snow area's the trees take on such a different look. Not all leafy green, just waiting to be covered in snow again I guess. Of course no snow at the moment.

Then we struck incredible rain with the wipers on super fast and visibility was pretty bad.......

We stopped that night back down the mountain at jounama-creek-campground/camping a lovely spot and may go back again one day, but yep I took no photo's.......

Next day on the road and stopped of to do a bit of touristy stuff.

Not that easy to see but the remnants of mining for gold sites.

We drove on to Oxley, which is a little town along the snow road and on the banks of the King river.

View from one of the windows. All free camping spots we have been to this time.

Later that evening this man appeared with his 2 draught horses and they stayed just past us for the night.

Following morning being Friday we headed towards Powell town but had a slight glitch with one of the fuses in the battery so while the man repaired this I had these horses as my view for an hour or 2.

Made it to Powelltown,_Victoria and as luck would have it a pub just about 600m up the road, score.

So this is where we had our tea the night before and as you can see the next day it was raining which is good, it is badly needed. Fantastic meal actually and highly recommend the free camp spot as well.
We have since caught up with other caravan friends and now back to catching up with family.
Hope your week/s have been good and see you again soon ☺


  1. I always love seeing the places you visit on your trips, Wendy. Thanks for taking us along on another interesting jaunt. :)

  2. Oh Mum how lovely and historic!! Love that "no witches" sign how bizarre! So glad you two got away from the toxic smoke and sampled some lovely sites xoxox

  3. Wendy, I really enjoyed seeing some of what you saw, too! The territory reminds me very much of California [except for the kangaroos!] And I am still pondering the reason for the posting of that "no witches" sign. I am glad you were able to escape the smoke from the forrest fires, and love your flower in the front of your vehicle :) xx

  4. What a fun time you had! How neat that you got to have kangaroos right there near your campground! The baby in the pouch is as cute as heck! Thanks for sharing it with your readers. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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