Sunday, March 9, 2014


Hello, again been missing again, not away just doing lots of family catch ups before we head off to New Zealand next week. I finally, after a whole year complete a pair of socks, only problem though is the second one on the right of your screen is slightly larger as I wanted them to be bigger than the first sock. So yes I now need to do a third sock to match the second one and if I have enough wool, a fourth to match the first lol Does that make sense? lol. 

I have also made more progress on the granny stripe for my nephews expected baby ☺

Nice sunny outdoor shot. Today really is a lovely day after having extreme heat, then fires, then cooling down a little. The open cut at the mine is still burning with the hope it will be put our completely by the end of this weekend....but then coal can keep on for a long time. 

The larger sock alone....I am very happy with it though and look forward to wearing.
How are things in your place, been busy or making things or like me doing very little except family/friend catchups.
Head off on Wednesday for nz so may be missing a little bit or I may be lucky to blog while away and share lots of pictures with you all. I may be lucky to find some yummy yarn too ☺
Welcome to the new followers and a big hello to you all out there.
xoxo ☺☺♥♥


  1. Gorgeous socks and I totally understand about you ending up with two pairs of socks the same size. Good luck on that! Have fun in NZ, you lucky girl!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I missed this post while I was at the beach, I guess, but I love admiring your stitching, now, Wendy :) I have been dashing about and not stitching anything, so I especially appreciate your progress, and it inspires me! xx


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