Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A bit more sewing has been done.

Hello there!  We needed a curtain for the door on the Winjana so it would be nice and dark for those pesky sunny mornings. So I chose this neat fabric, just a cotton type with little black cats all over it. I sewed 3 layers of fabric together.

Added some iron Velcro.

And stick on Velcro was going to be put around this window here on the door.

Placed the finished curtain on the door.

See you can just see the Kitty's behind the wire door when it is locked in place ☺

This is how it looks when we have the wire door shut, but the main door open.

A distance shot and I keep forgetting just how tall the Winjana is, I can stand under the front of it to the left of this picture lol.

Then I must have felt on a roll with the sewing bug as I then decided to cut up and old long sleeve t-shirt type top which had been worn HEAPS......

Chose this fabric for the sleeves.

And this stretchy velvet type for the body.

Even made my own bias binding to go around the neck

There it is all complete and I love it ☺☺

Close up of the neck bias.

And showing the sleeves better ☺

I have got a lot more done on that granny stripe blanket too.
Still working on that 2nd sock, but at least I am doing things.
What's happening at your place?
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  1. Aren't you clever! I would like to make some fun things like that for our trailer. Good going on the crochet blanket, too! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Good for you, Wendy! You are making great progress on all your stitching projects. I just finished crocheting a hot mat for a gift and have lots of wip to choose from to work on...and maybe even complete ????? Ahhhh the suspense :) xx

  3. You are a talented seamstress! Love that cat curtain and the web sleeves are awesome. You make me smile.


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