Saturday, February 1, 2014

I made a skirt ☺ first time in over 20yrs

Hello again my family and friends.
Took a picture of a steam train stored in a town about 30mins away from us.

As you know, I love them. TOOT TOOT.

Look at the sunflowers now. The main one now has NO petals and the others are growing strong around it.

This is the only other one to grow separate.

Remember how I started a skirt pattern?

Well I drew from the directions with my measurements and made the front and back.

Getting ready to cut it out. 
And yes these are skulls on my material ☺

Front and back cut out and ready to start sewing.

Look I finally completed ONE sock, only took me almost a whole year. Have now cast on the 2nd one so that I can actually get wearing them.

Close up of the actual colours, pretty wild lol  

Made some bread dough today and made us a quite healthy pizza ☺

All cooked ready to eat.

We had 2 pieces each and froze the other 4 for another day's eating.

And here is my skirt all complete, just ignore the body in it  

Quite pleased with it and after it is washed may be a bit softer.

It even has an invisible zip on this side which I had never done before, go me lol
Also has darts in the front and back with bias binding to help the waist band.
Quick and easy from the book design it yourself clothes with the link to her blog, Cal Patch.
Got to love the background, dirty bird dish, hose, broken timber from a fence lol
I think I will make another maybe with softer fabric for a nice hang.
Thankyou for dropping in and for the lovely comments too.
xoxo ☺☺♥♥


  1. Go you, is right! Awesome skirt. I love that material; you look good in it! I want a skull skirt; I would wear it with my skull jacket. The pizza looks super good and healthy - homemade yum!

  2. Good for much progress on your projects! Wendy, I am so curious and out of the loop in understanding why folks are attracted to skull patterns. The black and white and style of your skirt looks great, but I guess I have always found skulls kind of scary. What am I missing :) xx

  3. You've been busy! Your skirt looks fantastic. Good work!

  4. You have been busy.....! I love your relaxed style of writing and I am so glad I am not the only one to get random junk in my photos, so many bloggers are too perfect imho!! I could eat your pizza right now. Looking forward to seeing the finished pair of socks. Fiona

    1. Thankyou Fiona and everyone else, have sent emails to the others. Random junk sometimes makes the photo interesting lol

  5. Ohh.. your pizza makes me want to make a homemade one for us. I do love one made at home. I got a kick out of your one sock. It took me forever to knit a pair of socks and then I can't wear them as my feet are sensitive and I could feel each stitch.. I have to wear a soft fine cotton sock. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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