Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A little bit of snow and cool weather

Hey there friends and family. The weather turned quite cold yesterday and as you can see the lake even had waves from the blistering wind.

Not much of a view with all that could around but..........

Look.....SNOW.....just a bit but made me happy ☺

And the rain sure came for most of the morning

Look I even got to wear my skull jumper which my girl gave me and my jacket as it was cool, cool.

We did manage to do lots of walking and went out for tea. Look at the size of these beers we had, made the man's mobile look tiny and yes he has one mega OLD mobile lol
Nice view while we ate too ☺

Today we went to this neat Kiwi park

They had a conservation show which was very interesting and this is the Yellow crowned Parakeet

New Zealand pigeon

And this Tuatara his name was REX.....

This is where the show was held at 11, and also do it again at 3. Was great and then had a good walk around checking out the many birds here. We also saw KIWI'S and even got to see them being feed. No photo's allowed but that's okay as all good for them.

Look the Kea was kind enough to lift its wing and show the orange colour underneath ☺

Yep, this is as good as I could get with the zoom for this Falcon, he kept moving lol 

One of the many pathways and also aviary.
You get to walk around with an audio tour headset and choose the numbers and just listen as you walk or watch. Great place to visit ☺☺

The back of the entrance into Kiwi wildlife.

After having some lunch we walked to the lake and had fun watching this little girl feeding the ducks...

She was not happy when one of them bit her dress lol 

During our walk took a snap of the park we played with the Frisbee amongst the pine trees. The mountains in the background are called The Remarkables, and they are....

The other end of the lake

and zoomed in on the snow which has melted quite a bit by late today.

We had seen some guys on the lake doing this just like astro boy but with water. I reckon my girl would love to come here and do this, just like astro boy that she loves ☺☺
Thanks for dropping in again. Tomorrow is our last full day here and have had a great time.
Love to you all xo


  1. Wendy, thanks for sharing some highlights of your trip! We are having a rainy week, but no snow down here in the valley. I'm glad you enjoyed your snow on the mountain :) The Flyboard looks amazing...something my boys would enjoy trying! xx

  2. Fun, fun, fun...and those BEERS - yes! oh and I love the skull jumper!


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