Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Skyline Gondola, madman on the Luge and more lovely views in nz south island

Yes I am back again ☺  Yesterday started a little cloudy but still good weather. This mountain in not like your Mt Hood (Gracie and Teresa ☺☺) but there is a heaps of snow here in the cooler months.

We had booked ourselves a lunch up at Skyline which meant we were going to ride the Gondola. We have done this before but I did not have my blog then, just used to annoy family and friends with mega emails lol 

The man enjoying the start of the ride ☺

My view down as we speed up.

Looking up towards where we were headed

Very high/steep but wonderful views.

My selfie looking a little apprehensive lol 

Up the top outside on the viewing deck area

Good shot of the lake

Legend of the lake

A speck in the water to the right

Zoomed in and it was the SS Earnslaw steam boat. 

Wonderful view while we had our lunch ☺☺

Yes that is the man up there....he decided after lunch he would have 3 trips riding the luge

Here he comes lol 

Racing away 

Look at that cornering lol  He had a good fun

Then in the afternoon took a drive up to here.

A very large ski area

With amazing views and must say it was a little chilly up here

Oh and every day this black cat appears across the road from our lounge window so had to zoom in to catch a good shot. I had to bang on the window to make it look over lol.
Today is raining so may just have a quiet day with a meal out in the evening if the rain stops.
How is it where you are?
Love to you all xoxoxo

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  1. Fantastic sights....even the mountain without snow, Wendy :) And the luge ride... WOW!!! XX


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