Sunday, March 23, 2014

Queenstown, Arrowtown and lots of walking

Yes back again a bit sooner than I have been lately ☺ Queenstown was originally home to only a few adventurous settlers in the 1860's but is a busy town. Inspired by it's rugged mountain peaks and the giant Lake Wakatipu.

On our walk after arriving we saw this interesting attraction. Still unsure if we are going to go inside and see how scary it is.......

The view late yesterday from our lounge, lovely and can just see the lake at the bottom of the mountain.

We also enjoyed having breakfast out on the balcony, omelet with lots of veggies thrown in.

Zoomed in from the balcony to the Gondola's and Skyline restaurant where we will be going to have lunch tomorrow ☺

Nice cup of green tea with cute tags attached, all different ☺

Some more challenge mittens by laughingpurplegoldfish free pattern available there. These are for a lady in the caravan group we are members of and she requested PINK as her favourite colour, even in her hair ☺

We bought ourselves 2 Frisbee's as in the Queenstown gardens park there is a 18 hole course for Frisbee's lol And I must say after throwing (quite badly) and having to retrieve from all over the place it was one hell of an exercising time for us both lol but great fun ☺☺

Today we went to Arrowtown a quaint old gold-mining town of the 1860's

A double decker bus can take you on a 30min trip around for $20. We have been here before so just walked around instead. 

Beautiful mountains again

The main street which has many shops, cafes etc all old buildings.

And yes plenty of steep streets for us to walk up........ 

We had quite a good morning here and weather again was beautiful.... Then headed back to Queenstown

Walked downtown to have lunch at this place ☺

Enjoyed a couple of Ales, Speights was founded by James Speight, Charles Greenslade, and William Dawson. Speight's was first brewed on 4 April 1876 in Dunedin at the present Rattray Street site at the foot of the City Rise. Since then the Speight's brand has been firmly planted in the deep south of New Zealand Packaged Speights (bottles and cans) beer is brewed in Auckland and Dunedin

After lunch of course we thought we better have a good walk past Lake Wakatipu and back to our accommodation. 

There is a great path alongside the lake and was quite enjoyable and sure helping us with this trying to get/keep fit thing lol.
Thanks for dropping in and your lovely comments.
Take care my bloggy friends and family xoxo


  1. Thanks for sharing some of your current adventures, Wendy! The photos of the mountains remind me so much of parts of California. And in the midst of hiking and frisbee, good for you stitching the pretty pink mitts! I have had nearly two weeks of NO stitching. You inspire me to get busy again :) xx

  2. Ohhh Mum how lovely! Boy you two will be fit as! How awesome seeing all those sights and wow how freaky is the fear factory!!! Love you lots! Sarah,Brandon and Battyxo

  3. Wow, you sure are seeing a lot of country! Quite the adventurer! Thanks for taking us along with you. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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