Friday, March 21, 2014

Hello again from NZ now finally in Queenstown but a mega load of photo's from other stops xo

Hello my lovely people.....the rain came whilst in Auckland region but still amazingly warm.
Be warned there are HEAPS of pictures ☺

The Motel we stayed in called Silver Oaks near the airport and simple but nice. 

Finally a picture of the man and his dear dad (father) as he says. 

We took him out for a couple of meals and this was one where he chose Thai fish cakes ☺

The man had sweetcorn fritters, no picture of my salad as I was hungry and ate it fast lol 
Still trying to get the weight down. 

Just some wall plaques at the cafe Urban Soul.
We spent quite a bit of time with him this trip which was great ☺☺

Out and about in the car as he was keen to find a home on a FLAT block with 3 bedroom house and NO garden.....which we have found and currently the man is working on getting this to happen ☺☺

Yes back at the airport as we were flying to Queenstown for the next part of our trip and of course I had to take a pic of a big jumbo 

On the plane with a nice wing seat on the left side.

Getting ready for take off with the usual safety drill but the screens failed so were packed up and they did the old visual type instead.........

Wings opening as heading on to the runway.

Taking off......

Up in the air from Auckland with sea in the distance

Another beautiful day for a flight although they warned about turbulence.

Goodbye to the north island

Hello to the beginning of the south island.

Quite a lot more mountainy here is that even a word lol 

Wings spreading getting ready for landing....

Flying in between some pretty impressive mountains

Yep more pics of the opening wing and mountains

Beautiful view down to the lake

Getting lower

Love this picture and boy was the pilot putting on the brakes as it is not a very long runway.....

Arrived and in our rental car driving towards Queenstown but heading to Invercargill for a night.

Enjoy the snaps along the way 

Our motel room at Invercargill 388 on Tay and was lovely and not expensive either.

We cooked ourselves a lovely tea of steak and salad.

On the road again towards Catlin enjoy the snaps I will shut up for a while.

It was quite bloody cold and very windy lol on the Bluff. 

A wonderful sign we came across and all I can say is SYDNEY!!! That is where one of my boys lives......2000km away......

Interesting sign no camping and the tsunami hazard zone....eek

Look our shadows are exercising....we are really being good walking HEAPS and eating less....we may still drink a little but hey keeps us happy ☺☺



This sea lion almost gave me a heart attack when it appeared in the dark lol 

Always love the old trees, this one in queens park Invercargill 

Great meals at the little cafe Crazy Lama at the park too. 

Now instead of poor stuffed animals at a museum lots of pics of the real variety at a neat spot still in the Queens park amazing place it is ☺☺

Nice water fountains out the front

On to here we went.

Beautiful waterfalls along the way.

And long pathways and stairs and more long walks lol 

Our simple cabin for the night, bed and table that is it........

Toilet/shower block a stowns throw away
Next morning on the road again to Dunedin.

Don't know what this bush is but were plenty around so if you live in NZ feel free to let me know ☺☺

Now at Otargo region with possible albatross sighting.

Yep there goes one in the other direction.

Hoping to spy a seal on the beach lol no luck

Now at our accomodation in Dunedin 

All very good and able to cook some meals again ☺

Next day we had a train trip booked, not steam but thats okay but a great day enjoy these snaps. 

Going through a very long tunnel

Shot from out the back of the train which is the carriage we were in and then the engine came and we were at the front of the train, very neat. 

Nice engine.....good day out. 

Today on the road to Queenstown and rather foggy in some areas but still sunny and amazingly warm ☺

Our hire car on the South Island. 

Where the railway ends at Middlemarch 

and the rail bike trail begins......

Oh and on the way we meet up with a few sheep lol 

A simple shot of Clyde dam which is why the railway line did not continue....

A perfect day on the road. 

At our accomodation for the full week in Queenstown, called The Mews, time share. 

Gondola which we can view from our balcony and will go up there during the week. 

View from the lounge

Pretty good place to stay and going to enjoy more touring around. Love being in New Zealand and the climate is quite warm which for the South Island is amazing.
Hope everyone out there is going well and if not hugs and warm healing going your way.
Take care my friends and family xoxoxo ♥♥


  1. Wow, you are sure getting around and seeing a lot! Thanks for sharing! I will be on a plane in a week heading to see my daughter and GDs. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. While my sisters have both been to NZ, I have not, and did not get to see their photos, so especially enjoyed seeing yours, Wendy! Ocean, train, waterfalls, rainbow and sheep were the highlights for me :) Wishing you continued safe and happy travels. xx


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