Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Last day of Queenstown and now back home

Our last day in Queenstown last Thursday and another magnificent day. We decided to drive up one of the mountains and look over the airport, see the runway in the middle of the photo.....

Zoomed in a little and you can a plane travelling down the runway

There it is ready for take off and much larger than it seems in my pictures. It was amazing to watch from above ☺  We also saw another come in to land, awesome fun.

Next morning waiting to board our plane for home Air New Zealand

Loading the meals

Of course fuel is VERY important.......

In our seats again near the wing

Goodbye Queenstown, we had a fabulous time

The lake below amongst the beautiful mountains

Last sight of snow capped mountains

My choice of music for take off and landing this time ☺

Hello Australia, Victoria.......We landed safely and stayed the night at an airport motel as we were going to Melbourne city to Dracula's a theatre restaurant ♥ I received some sad news on landing too from my youngest boy. His fiance's dear dog Roxy had got ill and died she was a gorgeous black Labrador.

Goodbye to a dear family friend.......
It is never easy and such a sad time as we love our pets as they are family ☺
We loved having her come to visit here too

They also have 2 guinea pigs and a rabbit and this interesting fellow Max. He is a Maine Coon and has lovely soft fur. We called in after our night at Dracula's and on the road home xoxo

We had a LOT of mail to collect and look my Julian Clary tickets have arrived. Looking forward to a night of laughs ☺☺

Last night the man's girl came for a visit and yes there is that ever loving tongue poking out lol
The weather here has turned real hot which is incredible as really summer should have well and truly moved on......How is it where you are.
Take care and thanks again for dropping in xoxo ♥

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