Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Got the sewing bug ☺

Hello again my friends and family
I have recently felt like getting back into a bit more sewing and have lots of interesting material

A dear friend's daughter had a baby last Friday so thought I could make a hat and a bib to give to her to pass on ☺

Chose my pattern yesterday which can be found on the 

While looking through my sewing supplies I came across this totally unwound hemming tap....ugh

Manually wrapped it up again and don't want to have to do that again......

Now this material was just me testing the pattern, but who knows some lucky baby may get this hat lol 

After sewing I decided to do another in black to make this hat reversible

Cut it out

Folded in half and sewed the slanted edge

Then sewed from one side of the hat to the other

2 hats,now to join them

I sewed them right sides together and left a gap so I could then turn it right way around

Put the black inside the skull hat and stitched around the edge

All complete and pretty happy, can have the black edge showing or 

Edge straight down, very happy with this ☺

And look! The king parrots are colourful and they love this little tree in the yard just the same as the Jay does....this is the boy

There is the girl, she looks a bit scared, but I did just use my zoom not wanting to disturb them

Eating plenty

There were three pairs ☺

And today I completed this cute bib

With towelling on the back and baby can wear it either side, fully reversible

Oh and this is for me to wear to bed....I added some purple sleeves to this loved t-shirt so I can be warm at night

Just sewed a longer sleeve and zig zagged it all together

And here is the cat hat....they barrack for a team called Geelong and also know as the cat's so think they will like this lol 

The back of the cat has a different cat and lined this with some stretching black velvet 

I also made this little bag to put the bib and hat in instead of wrapping paper
Make it easy to hand to my friend this Friday ☺

And I even whipped up a pair of pyjamas pants for me......

And look it is cute birds, not skulls or bats .........
Hope you enjoyed seeing my bit of sewing and it is a good reminder for me to look back when I make more of the items.
take care and see you again soon xoxo


  1. You've made some really cute things! I love the hat, what a simple but effective idea. Those parrots are beautiful, thanks for sharing your photos. :)

  2. Wow, Wendy! You have been busy stitching! Very clever lengthening of sleeves, and I especially love the cat hat :) The birds around you are stunningly beautiful colors!!! Thanks for posting! xx

  3. Hi Wendy! Love your PJ top idea - I never thought of that! I have a couple of t-shirts (also much loved) that will make perfect PJ tops (also getting a bit cold at night here in South Africa)!

    1. Thankyou Zelna! Love your blog too and hello everyone.
      Mostly msg back via email ☺


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