Saturday, May 17, 2014

More crazy sewing and a little crochet

Hello again ☺ Got another bug at the moment of making more of these challenge mitts by the wonderful Sharon and if you click on the link and page down and look to the right you will find the free pattern pdf form ☺

I am also making a cowl (scarf joined to wear on neck) for someone who is heading off to the UK.....lucky Missy ☺

Thought I would add something to an old top to give me a pajama top to wear.
This heat bond is great stuff and not really meant to sew after putting on but I left room around the sides as you can see in picture where I am ironing it on.

Sought of alien skull type material, which I made one of my sister pajama pants I think 2yrs ago for her birthday ☺

The pressing with gap left

The old skivvy top, black of course ☺

All ironed on

And a little stitching around the sides and ready for tonight all for me ☺

Came across this fabric which I made my 3 boys shorts roughly 28yrs ago, youngest is now almost 30! 
Good grief lol 

Thought little Mr Riley may just like a pair of pants, he will be 2 in November, where has that time gone........

And here are the cute little pants
Now I either need to see him to give them to him ☺
Are you having a good weekend?  The weather is surprisingly warm here (heading into winter) and again I am wearing a t-shirt.....incredible
See you all again soon xoxo ☺♥


  1. Your mitts are lovely and what a cute outfit. I sew on Heat n Bond all the time. I find I need a pretty big needle to get through it because it's thick and you can't make a mistake putting in your needle because it will leave a hole in the applique, but it works fine. :)

  2. You sure have been creative! I'm glad the weather is still warm for you. Ours was pretty moderate today and we had some sun. It's all good! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I have to make a pair of wrist warmers this winter! That is something I have just never gotten around to crocheting - and I think this pattern would be perfect for my first pair!

  4. WOW Wendy! You have finished a lot of good projects. Cheers!!! Xx


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