Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Just a short post ☺

Quick drop in here just to share what I am doing for now ☺
Started the partner for the sock I completed so let's hope I do not take 2 months to make this one lol

Finished some more mittens too

Still working on the Sophie's Universe crochet cal too and enjoying slowly while I spend time wasting/lurking enjoying other peoples wonderful creations of colour on the computer too ☺

The man has done a great job on the new toilet door and doorway is now finished, just tiny touch up's inside the loo ☺

And we got this lovely post card from his girl who we call Missy ☺☺
Thank you Missy and lovely to have a post card from all the way over the other side Venice! Beautiful ☺☺
She has been gone for ages, many many months and we miss her but she is having a wonderful time ☺☺
Hope those of you with snow are keeping warm and for those of us in summer now keep cool
We are about to have a little trip to catch up with our van club which we see a few times a year
Thank you again for visiting my little blog place
xoxoxo ♥♥


  1. The thing I like most about our craft is that if we want socks to take a couple months to finish it's okay, as knitting is not supposed to be stressful. Lovely progress pics!

  2. Tata and have a wonderful time with your van club. You two really do make the most of life, good for you. We have sun today.. no snow here. Have fun.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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