Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Away with the van club and family fun too

Well hello there, we just had a short trip away with our van club and was able to visit this crossing lady known as "Lollipop person" who helps everyone get across the road every morning and afternoon on school days

A close up of the man with my other sister Loo....

I managed to do a little more crochet too

Here are some of the vans in our group staying at the Inverloch foreshore van park more info here

There is our Winjana at the front on the left and certainly does not look that big compared to the huge van up the was called GODFATHER and it was huge...

There was roughly 25 vans for this meet up and some still had not arrived in this picture

The beach was right opposite us and this was the closest I got to seeing the tide in....

Zooming out to where the ocean begins and waves 

Can just see some of the waves way out there

The jetty of course

We had quite a few walks while staying here but the tide was always out....way out 

On the Saturday we had a "tag a long tour" where you all get together sharing cars and follow each other

We got to have a lift with a lovely lady Yvonne and her friend Alan...

We stopped of to have a look at the wind turbines in this area

See there were plenty of cars following each other

The turbines were off and some men seem to be working on a couple

Yes, we got to go in a Jeep lol

We stopped of for a picnic lunch at a place called Walkerville 

Hello to the man

Everyone was pretty hungry so got stuck into our rolls, salads etc

The ages in this group range from late 50's - 90

Enjoyed the scenery while we ate

Zoomed in on what we thought was the lighthouse but it was not....just some tower

I could see a hole in the rock way out so zoomed in ....

Some people were on a yacht fishing

Nice grassy spot to rest 

2 fishermen were in this boat

We headed on a walk up towards where they were putting their boats in to go fishing

Our 2 tag a long pals ☺

Pacific gull

Plenty of rock pools here

Spied in the distance an old brick kiln building

A lovely area for a walk as the sand was very firm

The old brick kiln building

We then headed off to check out the lighthouse

Beautiful ocean views from one of the platforms

The lighthouse in the distance

The group walking on over

No where near as tall as some we saw last year in our travels but still a lighthouse....

Zooming over to the other side of the sea

Ah yes a selfie of us in front of the lighthouse

The group again

On Sunday we got to meet up with these 2, my dear cuz and her bloke

My bro-inlaw

And that sister again with me and cuz xo hello loo and cuz

We had a great lunch then as this was the Wonthaggi coal mine we went on a tour, so had to gear up for the mine 

I think she may get annoyed with me for this close up lol 

The man in his hat

Down in the mine the camera did not like all the flashes going off and other lights, but did my best

Quite creepy being so far underground....but worth it

We then got to ride a cable car back up to the top

Light in the distance

Getting closer to the top

About to get to the end of the track

Random snap back to show us all lined up and kids enjoying too 

It was a great day with good weather too

Oh yes, was I happy to see this steam train.....

No longer goes anywhere but I was happy climbing on board

View back over the top from the drivers position....
Good day out we had

Back at the van site spied this tiny bunny enjoying the grass....
We had a great time with everyone and look forward to next trip....I did also get to call on my youngest boy who has not been very well and was great to see him again ☺☺

And now back home, SUCCESS.....look I have attracted a COCKATOO to my feeder....

Certainly looks pretty happy finding seed here to eat ☺☺

It even had a nice drink from my water dish hoping word gets out and I have more stop for a visit....we have heaps flying over all the time but this is the first one to drop on in to say hello....
What is is it like in your back yard?
Hope you liked another short trip with us ☺☺
Take care xoxo


  1. What a fun time you had! Do you ever swim in the ocean? I'm not sure I'd want to go down in a mine! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I love that you have these birds coming to your yard, how amazing. They seem very exotic to me. The van trip looks like a lot of fun and it's nice that you were able to see family too. The CAL piece is really coming along!


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