Saturday, February 7, 2015

Around the house with some renovation work continuing

Hello again ☺ When you roast a chicken do you split it ie: as in down the middle and spread it apart? The man here is real good at this and I am real good at the marinating side...this one had garlic, chili, ginger, soy sauce, tomato sauce and dash of maple syrup....marinated for half a day and roasted at 190 for just over 1hr....delish and the left over chicken breast made great sandwiches next day and also froze some for later use ☺☺

Look the sunflower has now reached higher than our spare bedroom window.....little face has not opened up yet.....

Ah and some doves have homed in on the bird feeder area, think they may end up too fat to fly lol
No sign of the cockatoo, but then again it may just visit when we don't see ☺

Zoomed back out and the back yard is looking quite neat  

The toilet door and inside is now all complete and we are very happy with it's new sliding door via laundry ☺☺

You can just see the man outside who now is going to tackle more of the rip apart stuff on the bathroom renovation

An asbestos guy came to remove the sheets around and under the bath.....

And yes that is newspaper now around the bath because I found looking under the bath area rather creepy lol, yes I am strange like that.....

Soon to all be removed out completely......

This is where the toilet door used to be and now just a wall, really a wasted short hallway which will soon be part of the bathroom area and the man is busy ripping this area apart.......

I am enjoying working on that cal Sophie's universe....

Making my mum some new mittens and scarf for her 90th birthday present with some bendigo wool purple haze mohair ☺

And that sock which I ran out of yarn but have some other which has pink so lets just see how this goes.....
Do you have one of these? It is a portable smoker and the man is real good at smoking chicken ☺ Yet to try out fish which I would love but he does not eat lol

This time he used hickory wood chips 

And yum here are the smoked thighs (skinless) and have just shared one with him and oh so tasty ☺
The rest are now in the freezer for enjoying again another time, we love keeping the freezer stocked with quick ready to eat items ☺
How is your weekend going? Bloody hot here and keeping cool inside ☺☺
See ya again soon mateys xoxoxo


  1. It's so weird that you're having hot weather while we're still having chilly times, but it did get up to 58 here and I walked the dog in short sleeves and no coat All your roasted chicken looks delish! What a nice girl to make your mum something special. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Good things going on in your home Wendy. CHicken makes me hungry! Your projects are fantastic. Love that CAL. You make me laugh with your newspapers...I would do the same. Too creepy to see. :-)

    It might be time for me to start on another health kick...been so busy with work that I need it! Maybe March 1st.


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