Sunday, February 15, 2015

Making stuff and sunflower growing taller ☺

Hey there friends, this is the beach near where I used to live before moving to live with the man....It is a beautiful beach and do miss coming here, now I am near mountains ☺
Left behind a busy city type area with LOTS of traffic to be in a country area with much less traffic ☺

A shot looking back the other day so no one swimming but normally very busy on a hot day, which today is here so I reckon it would be now ☺

We also went to visit my Mum and as she needed a blood test done we took her to that as well as shouting her out for lunch ☺ This lady will be 90 next month! 

And look I finished those socks and don't care that they don't match, they are warm and fit, although today being another hot day, not wearing any and have the aircon pumping lol 

Still working on the scarf for Mum's birthday present....

And finished the mittens, just need to sew in ends, these are Mohair/merino combination so I think she will be very happy with them ☺

Continuing on with the CAL for Sophie's Universe.....

And look that real tall sunflower is getting closer to the roof under the side of the house!!

Face yet to open though.....took this picture yesterday (Saturday)

And another shot today and reckon it has grown a bit more overnight....

It certainly is going to be a massive sunflower, over 6ft tall.....
We go away for a few days so look forward to seeing it when we get back ☺☺
As said before, HOT here, looking forward to some coolness where we are going...
Keep warms all of you out there experiencing cold cold winter....
Thanks again for dropping in on our week/weekend here

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  1. Gorgeous beach, I would be wading out there! Your sunflower is VERY healthy and I look forward to seeing it in bloom. Your socks are AWESOME!

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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