Thursday, March 5, 2015

A bit of cooking and more destruction in the bathroom

A quick hello and goodbye as we disappear for a few days, so possibly offline....
Used up the BBQ onions in this quick tasty dish ☺

Used up a couple of last bits of home baked bread, covered with the onions and some grated cheese and 2 beaten eggs poured over

Quick bake in the oven and leftover salad from that BBQ too

Good quick tasty healthy lunch.....and this is one of those small plates, not a dinner plate lol 

As for the bathroom is more of the walls being removed by the man himself...

Shaving cabinet with mirror front, now removed, hence the hole that you see and this whole section will be removed so goodbye archway in the bathroom ☺

It certainly makes it a bit cooler in the bathroom lol 

Shaving cabinet now living on chair in spare bedroom....

And the towels on the clothes horse for April we will have our new fixed up bathroom ☺☺

Another quick meal for me (the man not keen on prawns) some peppercorns thrown in and put on top of some ripped up lettuce ☺

Made a couple of olive/garlic/cheese loaves to take with us too....
Well see ya later as we go missing with the van group ☺


  1. Oh, that's an interesting dish, the baked bread and cheese and eggs, I bet it's good! But the one that got me drooling was the prawn salad. MMM! I look forward to seeing where you get to on this trip. Have fun! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. The bread dish sounds really good. I love to make casseroles with eggs and Bisquick; do you have that there? You can make a lot of good breakfast dishes that way and I usually do them for Christmas and Easter mornings. I hope you have a wonderful trip, enjoy yourselves.


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