Friday, March 13, 2015

Back home after winjana trip with van club

Yes finally back online to do a post.....we had a short trip to Halls Gap which we also visited in July last year for a visit to their wonderful zoo zoo post here but did not visit it again this time

Really is a great place to travel to and stay either with the vans or cabins and lots of information visithallsgap right here if interested

We joined our van club for a few nights as it was one of there many trips in the year, with this one being a longer one ie: extended rally but we could not go on the longer trip as my Mum is turning 90 so needed to be around to help with the fun lunch we are driving down to be at with many family members ♥

The amenities were not far away for those who needed them 

also a communal BBQ which some did make use of....

Some of the Grampians mountains surrounding this lovely area 

Jack and Mis hap were happy

We got to see plenty of kangaroos and this mum was quite relaxed with her young joey 

A bit of a rainbow in this shot

More vans arrived so there were certainly many of us to have fun 

Lovely night with the moon rising but trees blocking lol 

We had a great pub meal in this little place which was across the road....

from this over priced pub....

More of the mountains

And the name of the little bistro we ate lunch at Cafe 109 in the town of Dunkeld where you can hike up Mount Sturgeon, Mount Abrupt or the Piccaninny and enjoy magnificent views of the sweeping ranges of the southern Grampians range...which we did not do this time though

Just lots of pictures though

The road we travelled back from Dunkeld to Halls 

In the distance a little gap in the middle of the trees.....

Is the road we travelled ☺

Took a trip down a track to the left of the road for a look see....

Quite a four wheel drive track where fires had been through and these plants are now recovering again ☺

Oh lucky the gate was not closed and that they were not shooting the day we came through lol 

More wonderful views

Back to the van park gate

We enjoyed a few good fun evenings with our van club, lots of laughing and chatting

Plenty of mugs of tea and other beverages were enjoyed ☺

This lovely lady had bought herself this bear for company

What a sweet face and eyes ☺☺

And got to love this one's drinking glass lol

The ages range over a few decades and all mix well 

Camp fire burning in another camp spot but photo not that good, but neat affect I guess

We also had fun at this Museum and will not comment on these photo's just enjoy and you may see many well known relics which apparently 2 men collected over their lifetime and now here ☺☺

Hmmm serious man lol 

We then enjoyed a picnic lunch together where I got to be the photographer for the club 

2 table groups, so shots taken from each end ☺☺

This very spot had a flood a few years back....

We are in the park on the right under water

Incredible, now very dry

And yes some emu's roaming the fields as they do in good old Oz 

We moved on for 2 extra nights and stopped at some free camps near the Goulburn river Mitchellstown

Drop loo in the bush...

Shame the amount of rubbish selfish people leave behind.....

Only other snap I took inside our Winjana cooking up some toast....we have loads of solar panels on roof and a inverter so we have plenty of power to use microwave and toaster etc ☺☺

On to our last place to stay

This one is called Kendalls campground info here and a real lovely spot on the Rubicon river 

Only a few other campers and down side, was the wasps hanging around....

Made us a good fire to enjoy 

A kookaburra dropped in....

Flew down and picked up a grasshopper

A wee red wine enjoying the evening

A young magpie came to say hello

and a few parrots too 

That kookaburra was so relaxed it enjoyed our awning....
Hope you enjoyed this last trip and sorry for the amount of photo's but then again it is our diary of our life/travels/renovations will be back with bathroom updates xoxoxoxo
take care out there ☺♥

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  1. Another fun trip for you two! I love seeing your animals, such as the kangaroos, emus and birds. Lucky you to have parrots in the wild! It looks like you all had a wonderful time! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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