Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bathroom destruction/renovation

Hello again and we are well on the way with the bathroom ☺
Old tiled wall removed and as I type this, a trailer load heading to the tip....

The trailer getting very full of stuff

There is the good old mustard bath and no walls

The man here has had a lot of fun destroying the walls lol 

No more arch

bath on the move....

Squeezing past the old basin

Out it comes and boy are they heavy, I assisted too ☺

Goodbye mustard bath

Now just a concrete floor

Basin now gone and mirror next

Mirror gone

And last morning of the shower, it sure was breezy lol 

It is amazing how big that room is now, but will soon be filled again this week

View through opening via hallway

Shower gone and just needing to remove the asbestos sheet in a few days with special equipment

Pretty disgusting eh 

I will leave you with a picture of a Tibetan sand fox who looks like he is thinking, what the hell are you two doing to your bathroom lol
Take care and be back soon xo


  1. What are you doing with a Tibetan sand fox? LOL! I sure wish my guy was as good at remodeling as yours is! We need our master bath re-done so very badly! I want it done in all white marble. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. LOL I love those foxes and yes my man is special ☺

  2. I love renos! Well I love watching them lol It will be fun to see it in progress and all finished.
    By the way, that fox is hilarious!

    Birgitta xx

    1. Sent via email but don't know if you get it, so another here with thank you and yeah funny fox xo


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