Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The good and the times

Hello friends and family ☺ Do you own a crock pot (slow cooker)? I have had this little beauty since I was married way back in 1977 either engagement present or wedding present so roughly 37 yrs old! And it still works although the marriage didn't lol  but as said before we get on fine....hope I don't moz myself and it......this was the GOOD ☺and this was on Easter Monday

I love making some real tasty soups in it and this one was a lovely lentil veg one and enjoyed it for breakfast over a few days ☺ Yes I can eat soup for breakfast, love having anything different in the mornings.....Going to be making a great Indian chicken dish for when family come on Saturday. I had my birthday yesterday (Tuesday) and is the same day as my girl; who I had on my 21st way back in 1978 lol.  And we are getting together here at my home ☺☺ and will use that crock pot for that dish.

Back on to the bathroom....while I did that cooking the man continued on with putting up laminate trims in a nice grey....

I helped by ripping off the plastic off that lovely big bath......and in the mean time!

This was discovered.....a LEAK from 2 pipes, inside the brand new basin the man removed the basin cabinet and took it was water damaged! In this picture you can see a little heater trying to dry out the floor and wall.....this was the BAD 

One of the dripping pipes with piping and taps removed.....and this was with the water turned off at the mains.....

Just a token amount of water which was collected over the day and of course being Easter Monday a holiday so the plumber was away......grrrrrr 

The poor cabinet.....

It had heaps of mould growing too as we worked out the leak had been for a WEEK.....and hidden because inside the cabinet.....

So yesterday, Tuesday that young plumber came back and repaired the pipes and made sure to fit another brand new basin cabinet ☺☺ That is his coffee cup on our air con unit and he did do a good job and very apologetic.....

And for now we are keeping some paper towel in the cabinet just to make sure all ok......
We went out for tea for my birthday to a local bowling club and had a nice relaxing time after this event lol, even caught a taxi so we could have a little red wine or three ☺☺

The man today (Wednesday) now back to continuing on finishing little bits here and there.....

Lovely big mirrored shaving cupboard all installed, clever man I have ☺☺

And in between this fun time week I worked on my Sophie blanket, I think it calmed me down lol lol 
How has your Easter been?
Take care and I will be back with a final reveal of the finished bathroom ☺☺


  1. *H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* to you and your girl! How fun to share a birthday with your daughter! Sorry about the leak but I'm glad you got it fixed fast. We had a great Easter time with our 2 sons and their families. Now I want to make a bean and ham soup after seeing yours! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Wendy, this is youngest son and I just printed off a recipe for split pea soup which he wants to make tomorrow and then I just read your post!

    Happy Birthday to you and your daughter!! I hope you had a lovely celebration. My oldest daughter and her second daughter share the same birthday...very special indeed :)

    So glad you found and got the leak repaired! From what you have showed so far the bathroom is going to be beautiful!

    Your Sophie blanket is amazing!!!!!!!! xx

  3. Oh dear. Things do turn up when you're renovating. Ugh. Soup looks mighty good!

  4. It’s great that you caught the leaks in time. Shame about the cabinet, though. Well, at least you were able to turn the whole thing inside out, and expose those messed-up pipes before the problem got even worse, as what usually happens in cases like this.

    Gordon Patton @ Bison Plumbing

    1. Yes we sure are glad all good in the end ☺☺

    2. Yes we sure are glad all good in the end ☺☺


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